Full Game Recap: Warriors vs Clippers | DeMarcus Cousins’ First Game With Golden State

Full Game Recap: Warriors vs Clippers | DeMarcus Cousins’ First Game With Golden State

DeMarcus Cousins scored 14 points (3-4 3pt FG) to go with 6 rebounds in his season debut and first game with Golden State as the Warriors defeat the Clippers, 112-94 tonight in Los Angeles. Stephen Curry led the Warriors with 28 points (10-19 FG) to go with 5 rebounds and 4 assists, while Kevin Durant tallied 24 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists in the game. Durant has now scored 20+ points in 19 straight games. Tobias Harris led the Clippers with 28 points (7-18 FG) and 9 rebounds, while Shai Gilgeous-Alexander added 24 points in the losing effort. With the win, the Warriors extend their win streak to 7 games and improve to 32-14 on the season while the Clippers fall to 24-21.

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82 Responses

  1. DP30 says:

    Watch out league! With Boogie back, the league should be VERY AFRAID!

  2. DP30 says:


  3. Jayson Tatum says:

    2019 nba champions

  4. Ethan Israel says:

    Well, the league was fun while it lasted.

    • ruben chamberlain says:

      +Joshua Marx didn’t the warriors already shut down Giannis in Milwaukee this year? Yeah so stfu

    • Joshua Marx says:

      ruben chamberlain yeah after getting bombed by 30 at home. Don’t cherry pick, it shows you up.. Yeah, no big market Jew B-A ref protection, even a legend will have a bad day from time to time..
      Curry is an average player at best w/o his big market Jew B-A ref protection playing in a small market.. drink bleach you disingenuous paint huffer…

    • ruben chamberlain says:

      +Joshua Marx you’re a real dumbass, don’t be mad cause Milwaukee will never sniff a championship, hell they won’t even make it out there own conference.???

    • Erik Hopkins says:


    • Joshua Marx says:

      ruben chamberlain watch the Jew B-A ref plot armour fail the Warriors and I will enjoy the crickets coming from you in June when we take this shit beating the opposition and the refs in every series!!! The only thing weaker than the NBA is your weak ass takes dood ????

  5. Jason Peng says:

    Steph 3/11..oof. at least doesn’t need 20 Free throws to score tho

    • Howard Davis says:

      +aasm7 u mean when the allstar andre igudala won finals MVP don’t forget in 2013 iggy had his own team as the only allstar and he led them to the conference finals just like he led the warriors to that first ring curry always had stars nigga

    • Stupidadi says:

      aasm7 in the 2015 finals he played a team missing 2 out of their 3 best players. the only time in their entire playoff run where they didn’t play a team with an injured star was 2016, where they took a massive L

    • jbombita says:

      Remember when everyone liked the warriors? Now everyone hates them cuz they win all the damn time smh. Ppl love to hate. And there reason for hating them is cuz they have all-stars lol. Just admit you hate them cuz they beat your team all the time, it’s more respectable.

    • mathman boy says:

      Wtf you stupid James harden shot to many free throws

    • J D says:

      +Howard Davis that’s because he didn’t shoot 7 more XD

  6. Avner Chaim says:

    Steve Kerr ‘s infinity gauntlet is complete , all 5 gems are ready to tear the NBA universe apart ?

  7. Bad Bunny says:

    they should just start the warriors for the all star game ??

    • EyeLoveTheStars says:

      +Jeanette Gonzales Imagine thinking Klay isn’t an All Star. Klay went 13 from 19 a couple games ago for 31 points. Klay scored 31 points in 25 minutes a couple games before that. Klay also went off for 43 points a couple weeks ago. A week before that Klay scored 51 points and only took 4 dribbles. Did I also mention Klay broke the single game 3 point record? 14 threes in one game. ?

      Klay has been a bit streaky this season but to say hes no longer an All Star is dumb as fuck..

      We all know Klay is showing up in the playoffs just like he always does.

      Stop living in the moment casual fan. ?

    • Kaleb Johnson says:

      +Jeanette Gonzales he still has 3 rings tbh

    • Adam Lummus says:

      Klay deserves to be an all-star. Averaged 22 points and having that 52 pt three point record game. Come on man

    • Apple Sucks says:

      +Jeanette Gonzales name 10 centers better than boogie

    • Wron Kennedy says:

      Apple Sucks I was trying to think of some myself. Healthy boogie in top 3.

  8. Jonathan D. says:

    The Splash Family is now officially in business!!!

  9. chris Westbrook says:

    There’s no stopping this team when all players are healthy as much as I hate to admit I don’t think anyone stands a chance

  10. Jimmie Johnson says:

    14 points in 15min w/three 3s…Boogie was out there doing work!

    • LoloLomo says:

      Not so sure the Warriors need another guy shooting 3s. When a center does work, it’s blue collar. grunt, bulldozer stuff under the basket. Cousins did a little of that.

    • TheButler DidIT says:

      ThTs not there style of basketball when it slows down and everybody is cold they can dump it down to boogie and he can go to work he’s gonna come in handy in the playoffs

    • Money Team DJay says:

      LoloLomo yea they do u need to be able to shoot

    • Chamra Smith says:

      Boy he always been good

  11. Dennis Gabah says:

    Let the warriors enjoy their shit, they used to be a laughing stock

  12. Crimson says:

    RIP lebrons chance at getting any more rings

  13. lewiscell3 says:

    Them picks for Curry & Klay are gonna be REAL now ? guards on notice, get your shoulders ready

  14. Humble Red says:

    Western All-Stars vs Clippers

  15. Barack Obama says:

    Lebron creates super team in Miami….

    Warriors: Hold my beer

    • Dan H says:

      Jon Arakawa everything about your comment shows how dumb you are. Take this L and call it quits for a day. Lmao

    • Dan H says:

      trey Loc exactly. You can tell this dude started watching basketball within the last 2-3 years. Lol

    • Kenyatta Coleman says:

      +trey Loc they want to believe that Lebron was only truly talented player on those Heat teams he played on, and impose the narrative that Wade was injured and Bosh was almost good but not quite. Truth is, LeBron was supposed to win in 2011 in order for that narrative to be considered believable.

    • Kenyatta Coleman says:

      +Jon Arakawa In 2011, when the Heat lost to a team with only 1 all star, Wade was not injured then. And Bosh averaged an almost double-double in those finals. He was basically doing his job. Wade averaged 26 ppg and did his job. LeBron was the one who didn’t do what was expected of him. At the end of the day, it wasnt just because of LeBron that the Heat was considered a big 3 team. All of the banana boat rides and recruiting every off season until 2010 came around and those 2 guys decided to join the scoring title and MVP 1 time Finals champion Dwyane Wade. Wade was the real reason the Heat was considered a big 3 team bc he got BOTH of them to come to HIS TEAM. LeBron wasnt getting out the EC even when he was leading the top seeded Cavs into the POs.

    • Brando Williams says:

      +Dan H that Miami team is nothing compared to the Warriors team just stop it Dwyane Wade was hurt half the time and Chris Bosh played like a pussy. If LeBron James didn’t play like a super saying they would have won 0 Rings while he was there in Miami and those are facts. LeBron would have won multiple championships with Shooters like Klay and Steph Curry he would easily average 12 assists a game with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry right now it would be too easy and it wouldn’t be fair

  16. July Stylez says:

    When a Varsity team plays a JV team

  17. Mr. Kelly says:

    Implosion is the only thing that’ll defeat them.

    • Rocksteddybelmont says:

      +Joshua Marx wrong

    • Joshua Marx says:

      Rocksteddybelmont So they’re gonna sign 4 free agents, w at least 2 of the 4 looking for max deal?
      It’s called math dude, and if one of these guys goes, the shit goes belly up.. remember how great the Warriors looked when Carrie was out? Yeah I thought so..

    • Mr. Kelly says:

      The games still have to be played. We’ll see what happens. A Kawhi lead Raptors team is definitely more feared than the DeRozan lead one. Not worried about the Buck’s, good in season but not playoff tested as of yet . If Houston can find the swag they had last playoffs they’ll be a problem. We still have time before the trade deadline so they’ll be some teams shifting and adding pieces. Although I’m from Oakland CA and grew up blocks away from the Coliseum (Home of Raiders, A’s, and Warriors), I’m a lover of the game of basketball first! Just because a roster is stacked doesn’t always means the outcome will be in their favor, but at the sametime it’s going to be a helluva task to try to crack the code. There 8 or 9 guys on this squad that has a very keen, sharp understanding of the game and how to win. We haven’t seen a starting five like this (5 recent All Stars). But again the games still have to be played. Should be interesting. God bless.

    • Mr. Kelly says:

      My apologies. It was 40 years ago when a NBA team had a starting 5 of recent All Stars… Any way have a good weekend!

    • Joshua Marx says:

      Mr. Kelly the whole “playoff tested” thing is a false equivalence for obvious reasons and based more in the knowledge that it is the officiating, not the play that changes and any honest fan knows it.. Toronto is soft and dependent on Jew B-A big market ref sourced plot armour vs The Bucks everytime.. are you even watching this shit dood?.

  18. Eric Wicker says:

    Cousins doesn’t look like he’s lost a step. He looks great.

  19. Dre M says:

    This sounded ike a home game for the Warriors

  20. genxer711 says:

    This is the best team put together in NBA history

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