Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Economic Policy Speech in Monessen, PA (6-28-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Economic Policy Speech in Monessen, PA (6-28-16)


Tuesday, June 28, 2016: Full replay of Donald J. Trump’s economic policy speech in Monessen, PA at Alumisource

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Economic Policy Speech in Monessen, PA (6-28-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan MacFarlane says:

    “I want you to imagine…” — classic salesman language.

  2. Erika Monterroso says:

    Donald is sooooooooooooooooooooo for the people. We cannot handle another
    (4) more years of incompetence…Please prevent Hillary from more reckless
    killings of our Americans…

  3. ener3 says:

    Trump is the man for the futur of America!

  4. Teddy Leather says:


  5. Anthony Travis says:

    12:29 Come on…. What is this??

  6. Dime2782 says:


  7. JohnBoehners says:

    Trumpf talks about ‘buy American’, ‘make it here’, China bad – bad – bad!
    Well folks, John Oliver bought a bunch of Red Caps and had them embroidered
    with something funny against Trumpf. Guess what? The caps are made in USA!
    Go buy a Trumpf cap from his web page. Guess what? MADE IN CHINA! Trumpf’s
    campaign caps are MADE IN CHINA! What a great guy!

  8. Jeremy Rosenberg says:

    How could anyone not for Trump? What a great man!

  9. Willifred Bobo says:

    “His instincts on a lot of these issues are correct. Unfortunately, since
    he doesn’t know much about the issue, won’t listen to his own advisers, and
    won’t read his own immigration platform, he ends up veering from one thing
    to the next,” said Krikorian, who plans to vote for Trump. “This is just
    another example of Trump’s weakness when it comes to policy.”

    Krikorian chalked it up to Trump’s basic approach to politics. “He’s just
    saying whatever pops into his head at any given moment,” he said. “It’s
    kind of like barstool philosophizing.”

    Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies

  10. julio carvalho says:


  11. Jeffrey McWhirter says:

    Donald Trump will win by a landslide in

  12. Ay Bee says:

    Are those plastic bottles? Recycling plant?

  13. robert hastings says:

    800 billion trade deficit equals 16 million jobs at 50k a year.. Our
    Trillion dollar foreign policy deficit is almost as bad.. Trump will
    unshackle American business sparking the greatest economic boom of all
    time!! Capital inflows will be through the roof

  14. Diego de Jesus Reyes Meza says:

    fukc you

  15. rastabob123 says:

    Man there is a lot of retards in America. Everyone that voted for Trump
    need to LeAve this beautiful country and Perhaps America would be great
    again. That pile of trash in the background is exactly what Donald Trump is
    and says, sadly many people believe this filthy white racist..

  16. DOC Ohm says:

    It is time for Americans together to stand up for ourselves! We need each
    other! I am tired of the politicians on both sides, the pundits in the
    media, these BS environmentalist college grads with some elaborate title
    trying to dictate to US what is best for US! I spent 24 years in the
    military happily protecting the American way of life! Trump is far more
    patriotic than fake Hillary could ever hope to be! I question Hillary’s
    dedication to our flag, our country, our citizens. America needs Trump.
    That scares the hell out both established GOP and established
    democrats…maybe that is exactly what America needs.

  17. StarBlaze says:

    as a legal immigrant…remember that the only way to get this problem under
    control is by deporting the illegals one at a time…the same way they came
    in and took our kobs while lowering wages simultaneously…

  18. mondingo007 says:

    tele-prompter in each and every speech from now on please, show this side
    more often, the firm, confident, patriotic, sincere leadership…. I hope
    it is not too late…………………..

  19. MrDemitrius1 says:

    Hillary’s top donor list is just a Wall Street phone directory. Who she
    serves is obvious.

  20. Winston Churchill says:

    Trump 2016!