Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on Trade in Manchester, NH (6-30-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on Trade in Manchester, NH (6-30-16)

Thursday, June 30, 2016: Full replay of Donald Trump’s remarks on trade in Manchester, NH at the Former Osram Sylvania Building.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on Trade in Manchester, NH (6-30-16)

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20 Responses

  1. enrique bunbury says:

    trump newt 2016

  2. TruckerExile E says:


  3. Michel Robertho says:

    His brain is far higher than obama hilary and demonic E.waren combine

  4. David Norman says:

    Marijuana for trump!

  5. William Francis says:

    Trump: (points to random man in audience) “Go ahead. Do you want to talk?
    …Yeah get that mic over there…Get it over there! Yeah, let him hold

  6. Gary David says:

    Americans citizens must come first to keep our culture indeed or lose the
    way of life that made us once exceptional. The Constitution of these United
    States must be protected at all cost, from all enemies, foreign and
    domestic. It is what the politicians swear to do when they make the oath of
    their offices.

  7. Master ODONE says:

    can not wait for the 1st debate with Killary.. prob will be the most
    watched debate ever!!! world wide!!!

  8. DJ. Khaled says:

    I live in CA, LA, believe it or not many people are voting for Trump, you
    might think it’s full of Democrats, but all the Asians and Indians are
    voting for trump unfortunately 20% of Mexicans are voting for Trump but we
    getting their

  9. huihsiangkyu (Sean) says:

    I just realize this channel is always in trending. Can people pay to be on
    trending or something?

  10. Moneer Saleh says:

    If americans had the half of the brain of the guy that speaks at 1:19:30 ,
    there won’t be a single shot fired in the middle east.

  11. Kaos says:

    We need to trade with the UK instead of China.

  12. Rob McGill says:

    Only an idiot would vote for Hillary.

  13. bstevans0 says:

    ok, so Trump the Scam Artist is officially playing the socialist
    protectionist card. PS: just for you people who dont know what the synomyns
    of socialist are, here they are: left-wing, progressive, leftist, pro blue
    collar worker, anti-corporate, antiglobalization.

  14. Putin The Great says:


  15. mr. gameboy says:

    vote trump

  16. Katie King says:

    lol What a clown.

  17. Celica is Best waifu says:

    Guys, you have to admit, Trump supporter or not, if Trump was never here we
    would have no hate towards each other, fights, and other bullshit

  18. JUDAH144k says:

    Every state is his favorite same ,bullshit ” I got a lot of friends here”
    why not on Mars? make you dull speakers sleep proof ya bum!!!

  19. tatical1975 says:

    his speeches get better and better! you can see how quickly he’s learning
    about whats going on. he hits on hard honest key points that others won’t.
    He’s our guy!

  20. Infamous Yash says:

    If anyone has the guts watch my videos