Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Superior, WI (4-4-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Superior, WI (4-4-16)

Monday, April 4, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Superior, WI at the Richard I Bong Airport Hangar.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Superior, WI (4-4-16)

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20 Responses

  1. casey jones says:

    Trump needs to shake up Washington

  2. lulu11653 says:

    Is something wrong with him?

  3. mcrazza says:


  4. john hammer says:

    THE TOP is corrupt aLL the way to the bottom ,,Buy stuff Like bLankets and
    ammo You may need them ..aLL courthouses are crime centers and if they faiL
    You wiLL be at the mercy of enemies

  5. john hammer says:

    DuLuth yeah

  6. Amar Burrows says:

    You wanna hear a joke…. Donald Trump

  7. Dan Notz says:

    Make America retarded again.

  8. Mary Spence says:

    Wisconsin, VOTE TRUMP-this able, strong, tireless, patriot, job-creator and
    devoted to us in this service, please; which means you would TRULY want a
    great and safe and prosperous America…MAKE YOUR CHILDREN PROUD. Thank

  9. MCminecraft is cool says:


  10. Mousita Mousita says:

    When will this Trump trash stop trending? Honestly all politicians this
    year are like the last and the one before it and before that etc. They all
    suck, Trump just sucks a lot harder. A lot, lot harder

  11. thatpat1 says:

    Thank you for wanting to help our nation Mr. Trump! We DO appreciate your

  12. Jerry Garrett says:

    oh how I want to get up to Wisconsin from Indiana to see Mr. Trump.

  13. Armando Hunnits says:

    when trump loses i want all you trump supporters to come back to this
    comment, so you can kiss my ass

  14. chad neely says:

    Was worth the 2 hour wait in line. Good time.

  15. Psychedelic Toaster says:

    Love trumps hate #bernie2016 #feelthebern

  16. Josée “The lone woman” Lavoie says:

    Trump for the win! 🎉🎉 go Trump go! woot! woot!

  17. Eddie E says:

    I was there today and it was so fun to see the excitement, and the
    wonderful people that attend these rally’s. Also, very disgusting to see
    how the local media turn this into a nothing event saying several hundred
    people attended.

  18. Traci Summers says:

    Trump is Awesome ! We are at the end of the road ‘ JFK was the last true
    Democrat / American the other’s overseers that treat Americans like throw
    away’s just slaves to support the welfare leaches and the last true
    Republican was Ronald Reagan a true American that wanted to make America
    great ! The Media and the Democrat did their best to bring America down !
    and obama has dune his best ‘ We have 7 months to get it right ! We are out
    of options Trump is our last hope !! The Constitution is being attacked by
    the anti Americans like obama and killery ! Cruz the Canadian has supported
    obama many times we are out of time ! We ether get it right this time or
    its the death of America as we know it !! Muslims are the ENEMY They are
    Amoral anti women perverts with a third grade education uncivilized
    Barbarians ! A Menace to civilized people ! They are worse than Animals !!
    Trump 2016

  19. Geometry Dash AJ213 says:

    Oh look the loser Hitler guy is talking again. Pretending he knows politics

  20. John Doe says:

    Wow, Ethan. Great moves, keep it up. Proud of you.