Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Tucson, AZ (3-19-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Tucson, AZ (3-19-16)

Saturday, March 19, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Tuscon, AZ at the Tucson Convention Center.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Tucson, AZ (3-19-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Elijah Hobbs says:

    hes going to build a wall hmm i wonder who is going to pay for that.

  2. Norton Bullinski says:

    These protestors are Justin Trudeau’s kind of people. In his
    Marxist-Leninist world, Comrade Trudeau prefers the people of the extreme
    left to help with his social re-engineering agenda.

  3. Schuyler W. says:

    Right Side Broadcasting, where the majority of the volume comes from the
    left side of the headset/speakers.

  4. Honest Man says:

    Great Trump President!! Silent Majority with you.

  5. Alphonsus Jr. says:

    Hopefully Trump eventually understands that LEGAL third-worlder immigration
    is every bit as disastrous as illegal third-worlder immigration.

  6. T1D1 Nihl says:

    (propaganda = lies)

  7. Rick Shinn says:

    If the protesters outside could hear the sheriff talking about them inside
    there is no way they couldn’t feel stupid for what they’re doing

  8. Larry Rutger says:

    Maria Saucedo, who was only 31, died the other day in Arizona when Jose
    Zarate shot her in the chest with a rifle after she refused to let him date
    her daughter. This sounds like a very ordinary tragedy, but it isn’t.
    Instead, it perfectly represents the way the Left has used bad ideas and
    corrupt language to allow terrible things to happen in this country.

    Jose Zarate, who is 25-years-old, wanted to date Saucedo’s 13-year-old
    daughter. When Saucedo objected, Zarate pulled out a rifle and shot Saucedo
    in the chest, killing her. After his arrest, Deputy Joaquin Enriquez stated
    that “Sheriff’s deputies say Zarate is a non-U.S. citizen who has been
    living in the country without proper authorization.” In other words, Zarate
    is an illegal alien, a pedophile, and a murderer.

    TRUMP 2016 💪 A WARRIOR FOR EVERYBODY, not another crony sellout

  9. mudchair16 says:

    I love the “Save America” signs. Don’t these protestors realize America’s
    sovereignty is at stake and that Trump is the only one standing up for it?
    They need to turn off their televisions.

  10. Elliot Chaufour says:

    Where are his eyes?

  11. polish poland says:

    stump the libtard out lol

  12. jacob reaume says:

    Donald Trump has my vote he’s going to send all the Mexicans back to the

  13. Sir Winston Lennon says:

    ★☆★☆★ P R E S I D E N T * T R U M P ★☆★☆★

  14. Tyler Gingrich says:

    i honestly hate being white due to trump running for president…

  15. Brandon Mardis says:

    Trump 2016!

  16. jeff matt says:

    People…. we need to stand up! The media is bought & paid for by the top
    1%. They are manipulating you to support their interests. We need to learn
    how to stand up for our interests! We have all the power in the world… we
    just don’t have the confidence to know it & fight back. Vote for Bernie

  17. WE ARE ANONYMOUS says:

    anyone else feel like throwing a hotdog at his face?

  18. Amanda Nichols says:

    trump rallies are for idiots white supremacists idiots just ever moron in

  19. David Wilkerson says:


  20. Bang _ Bang412 says:

    JIM MORRISON for President 2016!!!