**FULL VERSION** Marshawn Lynch “Yeah” Post Game Interview after win vs. Cardinals 11/23/14

Marshawn Lynch Post Game Interview after win vs. Arizona Cardinals 11/23/14; gives one word answers a week after being fined $100,000 by the league for not taking media questions after loss the previous week vs. Chiefs.

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19 Responses

  1. richard says:

    LOL he’s a football star not a paid actor you can’t be mad at him for not
    wanting to talk to the media. That kills peoples career and lifestyle shoot
    i wouldn’t talk to media either fuck um.

  2. Greg Cooper says:

    He was previously fined by the NFL for not giving interviews. Ya get what
    ya get, Yeah.

  3. Diallo Kreed says:

    This is #Classic 

  4. TheRiddla36 says:

    Fuckn great!!! Hahaha

  5. Fabiola Rios says:

    F…ck he dont wanna talk to the media. So what let him play ball. Any
    every think he may be media shy. 

  6. JfnDWatchesVids says:

    Greatest interview ever.


  7. llRednessll says:

    YEAH! LYNCH IS THE SHIT BRUH! I’d be the same way YE UH YEAH!

  8. Tim Collins says:

    what a fucking tool……

  9. Gregg Bloom says:

    Is Marshawn Lynch autistic? He acts like it here, but if he is, he’s doing
    nothing wrong; who could blame him for not wanting to interview?

    Also, if he is, is it fair for the NFL to fine him for not giving

  10. Alan Garcia says:

    marshall plays football because thats what he’s good at and loves to do. If
    he doesnt want to talk to the media he should not be forced to do so. I
    wonder if one day all the media will piss him off and he’ll go beast mode
    on them, that id love to see.

  11. henkewar says:

    Right on Lynch! You’d think one of the interviewers would have caught on
    and asked more about his foundation. He obviously cares and is willing to
    talk about that, plus it is a great cause to support. But no…mindless
    reporters asking mindless questions.

  12. James Change says:

    Marshawn is a friggin studd. He doesn’t wanna be a media whore…he just
    wants to play ball. Got a lot of respect for him.

  13. GREAT ONEJ2 says:

    U ain’t got noooooo juice and nobody believes u and u can’t lie. Beast Mode
    Boosie Bad Azz classic 

  14. nupe942001 says:

    LMAO !!! love it !

  15. Ionic Reviews says:

    Marshawn are you a total fricking legend? ‘YEAH’ ;)

  16. OTKP says:

    He just “ABOUT THAT ACTION BOSS” leave the man alone, stupid ass media
    people just ask the same questions OVER AND OVER. It is BS that the NFL
    FORCE their stars to do interviews.

  17. Bruce Clark says:

    damn that’s how it be when i try to talk to girls.

  18. Bruce Clark says:

    i get the same response when i talk to girls

  19. Alex Briggs says:

    I wish he would’ve said the song he listened to was “Yeah” by Usher.