Funniest WRONG NUMBER TEXTS! I’m SSSniperWolf and today we’re going over some funny texts sent to the wrong numbers! Watch MORE TEXT MESSAGE videos Leave a Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications

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58 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    hiiiii guys
    hope ur having a nice summer

  2. Janne says:


    Lia: Staying hydrated..

    Me: *Watching YouTube at 3AM with a Sahara desert in my body*

  3. purple mushroom says:

    One time somebody texted me. It was a wrong number, they said “your food is here”

    So I replied with “hello this is Dave’s abortion clinic how may I help you?”

  4. Manny2398 says:

    She protec
    She attac
    But mostly…

    We want our fav French ytr bacc.

  5. 12345 LuckyTheWolf says:

    roses are red
    blood is too
    i just got a like
    but why is it blue?

  6. Gachashadow Shade says:

    Ugh i want my favorite french YouTube’s back ?? (??)

  7. Kelechi Nwaehiri says:

    that guy that was “wearing a blanket” was wearing a traditional nigerian suit

  8. that one girl 09 says:

    This dude called me 6 times while I was at school so I texted him

    Me: new phone who dis?
    Me (49 min later): jk its the same number, who is this?
    Me(next day): you called 6 times
    Me(18 days later): nvm bro


  9. Suhaylah Minal says:

    He mAdE me… *ad* … pRegNat

    Me: holy crap it’s every freaking tv show in existence

  10. Sunflower x Aesthetics says:

    Please do more kindergarten! Like so Lia can see this

  11. Josseline Martinez says:

    If someone i don’t know who texted me I who’d say it Taco Bell

  12. Kayla Snyder says:

    Reply if you call restaurants a “Food Place”
    Turn the button blue if you call a restaurant a restaurant

  13. Lord Skeptic says:

    5:09 could be a cafė.
    That is what we call a coffee shop in the UK.

  14. Erin Hollitt says:

    no it’s winter where i am ( Australia ?? )

  15. Mar Sam says:

    Am i the only one that just found out that lil nass x is gay? I support tho ?️‍?✊?‼️

  16. RaY AiD says:

    You look just like my gf…. I guess we shud hv a lookalike reunion… gr8 vid tho

  17. Abbygail Laporte says:

    once a wrong number texted me and said”do you have blonde wigs”

  18. jady8380 jady8380 says:

    Whatever your on is lava

    Like if you were too lazy ??

  19. 20k subs without any videos challenge says:

    Happy 4th of july!!! It’s America’s birthday and I hope everyone has an awesome day today!??????????

  20. Latoya Evans says:

    Me:mom take me to the the burger food place
    Mom:burger King?
    Me: yes the burger food place duhhh

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