G-Eazy – Power (Official Video) ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo

G-Eazy – Power (Official Video) ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo

G-Eazy feat. Nef The Pharaoh & P-Lo – Power (Official Video): http://smarturl.it/gePower

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43 Responses

  1. MOP XWIL says:

    Ну и где Фара?

  2. WidmoCiała says:

    Greetings from Poland??????

  3. TheWall says:

    This is so GOLD! I clicked so fast I had to click again just to make sure!

  4. Lawes Productions says:

    ? ? ?

  5. Lure says:

    The girl twerking is twerking

  6. k k says:

    His voice sounds a bit rough but this shit is LIT.

  7. Un Potterhead Sur YouTube says:

    ce genre de son !! ?

  8. Cristeen Olley says:

    ? ? yassss

  9. IMAN - index says:

    Nice mr?

  10. Figs3 says:

    Going back to the old school G-Eazy not bad.

  11. IMAN - index says:


  12. Theshowdown 93 says:

    Mah boii got that fresh 90’s punkrock haircut.

  13. d2h says:

    Lyrics > mumbling

  14. d2h says:

    G-eazy was the old look, this is young Gerald now

  15. Laetitia says:

    this is so out of topic but that new hairstyle of his is so damn sexy. Can’t get enough. Dope beat too

  16. Kylie The Robot says:

    The drugs messing up his voice.

  17. Ananya M193 says:

    Why is G-eazy so hot!????

  18. Raul Gutierrez says:

    Banger after Banger after Banger ????????

  19. FallxnFear says:


  20. Alain Bruno says:

    G-Eazy is a rap genius ?

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