G Herbo – Really Like That

G Herbo – Really Like That

Really Like That


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62 Responses

  1. Justk says:

    claim your here before a million ticket✅

  2. Repay says:

    Whoever reading this hope you get rich 💯

  3. Gabe _ says:

    “in here Fucxin with Tay Keith but Like Tay K i did a Race” ✌🏽

  4. NoLimitSkillz says:

    I feel just like a villain still a get hit when I’m chillin🔥🔥🤦‍♂️🔫🔫

  5. Az King says:

    Who else in here thinks Herb is the 🐐🐐🐐??

  6. DaOrginal says:

    Herbo so versatile with this sh!t, he dont get ENOUGH credit.

  7. Danejia Moore says:

    People only say he trash cause they can’t relate.

  8. Gabe _ says:

    “i be Rapping for the Streets You Nixxas Rapping for the Pigs” !! 💯🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. Hector Abreu says:

    “Skrrt skrrt i just cashed out, my lil shooter wit me he like 20 he gon crash out”💯😈🔫

  10. Cehxii says:

    “I blend in with savages, u see thru like a glass house”🥶

  11. Christian Dior says:

    Nah he’s the best even tho this a lit song he made in the stuu chillin but it’s better then 90% any other music out here when he in his bag he’s a different animal

  12. Mortifer says:

    “17 to many guns by 18 I caught a chase” hardest lines in a fucking while

  13. Dramane Diop says:

    Bro idc what nobody says more people need to listen to this man like yah really don’t hear what he be saying 😂

  14. LIL BUDD.A says:

    when people wake up they gon be like dammnnn this fire

  15. Dre Bly says:

    “Threw up in my Lamb Trunk,inside of my whip disgusting”

  16. A Zae Production says:

    GANG! 🔥🔥🎥

  17. The Fisher says:

    This is gassss 💨 🔥

  18. Diamond Visuals says:

    G Herbo x Diamond Visuals 💎 (Coming Soon)

  19. NLE CHOPPA says:

    Why you nail em to the cross like that 😤😤😤😤😤🤦🏽

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