G Herbo Talks Humility, Chicago’s Hip-Hop Diversity, His New Album & More

G Herbo Talks Humility, Chicago’s Hip-Hop Diversity, His New Album & More

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20 Responses

  1. keepYoutube Creepy says:

    In Chicago you gotta do a drive by to past your Drivers test.

  2. Romarise Williams says:

    Cool interview his interviews will get better with time you know what I’m saying?

  3. killa cam says:

    im a fan of herb but all his interviews the same but i guess im just comparing him to nore too much

  4. Alex Peets says:

    This was the most annoying interview “Ya know what I’m saying?” No Negro we dont know what ya saying.

  5. itsrealquis says:

    They need to get bibby on here

  6. StreetPush TV says:


  7. ThRilllz COD says:

    Thought this was hoodie Melo for a sec

  8. Jacoby Lamarr says:

    In Every Interview They Ask This Man The Same Shit Its Always About Gang Shit Tf Is they obsessed with this shit

  9. the riddler says:

    i post on social media and I’m always right

  10. Mena J says:

    Africa is a whole continent. I wonder what country he is in??

  11. Black Biscuit says:

    On my kids g herbo look like the younger carmelo anthoney

  12. Inter City says:

    We needed DJ Envy to ask…”For the people that dont know, Can you explain to them what the Internet is?”

  13. Quila Quila says:

    Yea that Keneeka Jenkins situation really had me done with the internet

  14. evo seKtor says:

    What kind of stupid name is G Herbo? How about Herbo Essense

  15. vivi war says:

    I’m sorry but his voice is so sexy… Lawd!

  16. AHMED KHARZI says:

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  17. I don't Want to show my face says:

    This boy ain’t from the hood #facts

  18. Filthy Phil says:

    Why is this shit trending with only 68k views? & who are these new trash rappers you see every day

  19. Moaz bin saeed says:

    36276393 ‘you know what I’m saying’s’ there.

  20. cj law says:

    “Street” gotta be his favorite word

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