Galaxy S7: The Dark

Galaxy S7: The Dark

Some of the best moments happen in the dark, so shouldn’t you have a camera that can capture them? With the Galaxy S7, you can. Learn more:

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20 Responses

  1. Nathan Jolly says:

    If all the best things happen in the dark, wouldn’t you want your back and
    recent keys to not be backwards?

  2. Raj Sodhi says:

    Guys, I need help! I’m an apple scrub who wants to buy an s7. Only problem
    is that touch whiz looks unattractive and will probably be very slow. How
    do I get the stock android experience on a Samsung?

  3. IPlatinumEnderI says:

    You can now record… Sex! In the dark

  4. twi5tedlemonz says:

    Yeah, sold.

  5. Corn Lawg says:

    Haha, apple is Still better

  6. chunkymonkey862 says:

    I’ve found my people

  7. Christian Ortiz says:

    okay we got to admit, these last 3 commercial spots have been pretty on

  8. 00skiz00 says:

    Im so fucking excited that im upgrading on the 20th!!!

  9. the guy of hydrocarbons says:

    withouy sony, u r no shit in camera Samsung..

  10. Rudy Montanez says:

    I’m in the dark lol

  11. victor hernandez says:

    Samsung’s other phones have bad camera quality in the dark

  12. guscles25 says:

    Dammmnn samsung! back at it with awesome commercials unlike these other

  13. Cristhian Montoya says:

    Finally, a new piece of metal with lights that unlike other pieces of metal
    with lights, is water proof, can flash lights at people to store their
    faces inside the metal card within the metal – in the dark. Truly

  14. Lillie Suggs says:


  15. Kenneth Tecson says:


  16. st jimmy says:

    Daam samaung back at it again

  17. DANIEL CORMIER says:

    holy shit samsung gone SAVAGE AF in these new commercials WTF HAPPENED

  18. Le Hoa says:

    Dark!!! so why samsung make background of application and TW..bright
    colour? I hate bright color. It’s not comfortable and not good for my eye

  19. blognewb says:

    ahem +12345assassin12345 *People on welfare have iPhone 6. it’s no longer
    status symbol, it’s a laughable and BORING piece of aluminum foil in
    multiple layers.*

  20. DelDelincuentes says:

    Too bad, man,I only buy my phones in the light.