Game 5 proved Kevin Durant is a ‘luxury not a necessity’ for Warriors — Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Game 5 proved Kevin Durant is a ‘luxury not a necessity’ for Warriors — Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the Golden State Warriors win in Game 5 over the Houston Rockets. Hear Broussard explain why he was not surprised about the Warriors’ performance once Kevin Durant left the game with an injury.

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Game 5 proved Kevin Durant is a ‘luxury not a necessity’ for Warriors — Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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86 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Will the Warriors win Game 6 without Kevin Durant?

  2. Stephtastic! says:

    You notice how everyone plays well when Steph is playing well?

    That feeling from Game 5 reminds me of everything pre-Durant. That’s the Warriors squad I love to watch

    • tony tonyt says:

      +High Morale give him credit for not winning a championship before he came to Gsw ? Smh. Yea right . he could not even beat them

    • bert fromarketin says:

      Disrespect to the 2 time finals MVP…

    • deacon theseer says:

      That’s it

    • Tri Yudho Wicaksono says:

      +Htown Rockets there won’t be no excuses except from houston’s camp tbh.. Y’all already said *but cp3 is a bum* let me tell you, he’s always been a bum who got injured in playoffs.. That’s nothing new.

    • J E O says:

      Htown Rockets he ain’t got nothing to prove

  3. Rushking20 #Cheesehead says:

    If houston still lose this series they the biggest frauds ever

  4. Tyrone L.D. Style says:

    *Playoff Harden in full effect*

    • Richie Rich says:

      +Josh Norris If KD doesn’t come back and Rockets doesn’t win, it will hit Harden’s legacy hard!!!

    • Josh Norris says:

      +Richie Rich 100%

    • Joe says:

      He scored 31 points on 10/16 in game 5, and has averaged 35 points a game this series, and 36 against the Jazz, which was his regular season average so…

    • Josh Norris says:

      +Joe miss me with the Jazz series. Don’t brush under the game he went 3/20 and still won the game cuz Jazz couldn’t buy a shot.

  5. Plank says:

    The warriors went back to the OG way when KD got hurt. Steph and klay. draymond being the heart and soul/getting techs

  6. Krishna sidhartha Potluri says:

    That’s the thing with luxuries ,they become necessities over time.

  7. FoshoTheOne says:

    Klay and Steph did the fusion and turned into “Gogeta” after KD left ??

  8. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    With kd and no Steph curry the warriors: 28-18 61%
    With Steph curry and no kd the warriors: 29-4 88%

    • Brandon Ohara says:

      +Last Of The Starmakers to you and your 39 likes lol it’s winning% not shooting %

    • Kalix Patrick says:

      Tri Yudho Wicaksono i wasn’t arguing that you bringing that up like steph don’t need KD

    • JUST Cali says:

      Yurhomi 24 Does it matter? Steph beat KD in the playoffs and won a championship as well before KD. KD won nothing before Steph.

  9. Manny G says:

    I disagree. Its too soon to tell. Rockets used a lot of energy after being down 20

    • kosmique says:

      there is no predicting when it comes to this series, it can go both ways like i have probably never seen before.

    • TjayK says:

      Tlotliso Koloi lol when you set traps for steph is when the ball movement hurts you.

    • Kogan Kogan says:

      +Show Genius That’s the same as saying if both Klay and Steph also went off in the series, then GSW would’ve won by double digits.

    • Tri Yudho Wicaksono says:

      +Kogan Kogan haha, fr.. Tell em the truth my man.

    • Chris0414 says:

      i think harden got gassed out after kd left the game. i can tell harden relieved after kd left and kinna let his gaurd down…

  10. shaunbir klair says:

    Rockets choked the biggest game of their career, had they won they’d win the series and make the finals

    • A.B says:

      shaunbir klair um no

    • Brandon Ohara says:

      People are going to laugh at my comment but Houston needs to start shooting more mid-range. They depend on getting fouled and shooting threes too much, I know they’re good at it but it’s crazy the amount of wide open mid-range looks they can get once they get past the first layer of the defense because teams are always falling back waiting for the lob. Harden could have 20+ contested mid-range shots if he looked for it.

    • Brandon Ohara says:

      +There can only be one ya I wondered why people aren’t blaming Mike D’Antoni more often. He’s doing the same thing with this Rockets team that he did with the sun’s, making a deep run in the playoffs every season just to never even make it to the finals smh

    • Billy Johnson says:

      I said before the game whoever wins that game will win it all

  11. Juan Fathi says:

    Steph went off in the 4th even with 2 injuries ??

  12. joel williams says:

    but yet KD’s legacy is better than LeBron? okay skiuppp..

  13. 1000Kbaby says:

    Imagine what they’d be saying if the Warrior’s lost ?

    Skip: ” The Warrior’s go as KD goes ”
    Me: ?
    This is Steph Curry team

  14. yazidi009 says:

    I don’t know if people have been watching the games or just highlights, this post season KD has been playing for the team and moving the ball. Klay and Steph have just been missing shots. They were not getting less shots but we’re shooting badly even missing lay ups

    • Otho Williams Jr. says:

      Thank You!

      That’s I laugh @ this commentators because Klay Thompson & Stephen Curry been missing … Shots, period!

    • Otho Williams Jr. says:

      +Tim Pallarino
      Draymond Green been Handling the ball in Full Court…

      Then pass to Stephen Curry, bruh this been happening since 2016

      Just asking: Did You actually watch the 2015 NBA Finals?!

    • ATL 1 says:

      +Marcamus Winn this ain’t a band

    • ATL 1 says:

      +booniekc sure buddy, those two rings are because of KD

    • Michaelpaul Lang says:

      This is so true but soon as kd leave they turn up that’s cawr say to me and when Steph leave or is hurt the warriors play terrible

  15. KSU 1989 says:

    KD – Chinchila seats in a Rolls Royce…?

    Shannon Sharpe

  16. Morty Smith says:

    I was hurt seeing capela go 3-10 from 2 feet. He couldn’t even make a put back basket. I was so hurt bro ?

    • Scary Spongebob says:

      Morty Smith lol I was sitting there after the game like how tf does Capela of all people shoot so poorly ??

    • MTB4miSoul says:

      Kenneth Faried shouldve played this series against the Warriors..High energy, consistent, plus able to shoot 3s, Also last year Warriors played the “Hack a Capella” because he cant make his free throws,,What has changed? LOL….Rockets are dumb for not playing Faried.

    • Brandon Ohara says:

      +MTB4miSoul bro I’ve been saying the exact same thing and it’s insane that Kenneth Faried has gotten virtually no playing time this entire series, it’s mind-boggling really.

    • Aisian ThreeQUISIANS says:

      MTB4miSoul fr get the manimal back in

    • Itss Me Boiii_12 says:

      Looney protected the rim well and everybody chipped in

  17. MrMessyb says:

    “KD is Chinchilla seats in a Rolls Royce” LOOOOL SHANNON got the best one liners!! ??

  18. Nothing Special says:

    First 7 seconds Chris Broussard is lying. I swear he just agreed the Warriors need KD more than KD need them a week ago

  19. Tsunami Rob says:

    “If Chris Paul didn’t get hurt tho would’ve won” he’s healthy now??what he’s doing

  20. HeyNowLookHere says:

    James ‘Fair Chance’ Harden + CP3 ain’t the same as LeBron + Uncle Drew. That’s that. Warriors in 6

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