Game of Thrones 7×03 – Daenerys agrees to help Jon Snow with Dragonglass

Game of Thrones 7×03 – Daenerys agrees to help Jon Snow with Dragonglass

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  1. confessa says:

    Loved Tyrion basically having to cajol the two bickering young leaders into actually talking to one another lmao Tyrion is absolutely right here – Jon’s way of asking for help was terrible, why would Dany believe him? And Dany demanding Jon bend the knee is unreasonable given that she has no leverage or successful conquests yet. Still, Jon and Dany continued being stubborn right up until the end of the scene hahahah

  2. Illusive85 Network says:

    Hearing her say his name is cute!

  3. Dystride says:

    just….fuck yes…..that all.

  4. Cristobal Araya says:

    The look she gaves him at the end when hes walking away…I liked that

  5. My pet rock is potty trained says:

    Tyrion and Jon are total bros. Both are outcasts, both gone through all sorts of shit, and in the end, despite the differences and time spent apart, they still are on good terms and still respect each other.

  6. Mason Perry says:

    0:29 that gust of wind was perfect for his cloak.

  7. Cecelia Green says:

    Jon and dany are the kids tyrion is the adult πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Tarklovishki says:

    I think that Daenerys acts the way she does because she spent too long being walked over when her brother was known as the ‘Beggar King’ in the East. With the high and mighty persona, she gets to stand equal or higher as the people around her, so that she doesn’t have to face the prospect of being sold, raped, and/or almost killed ever again. It’s why I can’t hate her.

  9. Mazz says:

    Everyone is complaining about how overly entitled Dany was acting this episode because Jon stood up to her but if she’s that much of a bitch she wouldn’t of offered her men and the dragon glass she would of refused him all together and not listen to Tyrion- really don’t think she deserves all the hate she is getting :/

  10. Allison Upham says:

    7:38 Danny is clearly checking out that ass

  11. Lauren Whittney says:

    “People thought dragons were gone forever, but here they are.”

    Irony since they’re the two remaining Targs.

  12. christiana says:

    Lol you cant deny the sexual tension between jon and dany πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Carson Cook says:

    Dany – “We all enjoy what we’re good at”Jon – “I don’t”Gave me chills when Jon said that. Sounds like he is alluding to fighting/killing. Then the look Dany gives him. I wonder if she is thinking back to how Ser Barristan described Rheagar never liked killing.

    …Or it was just included for us fans to enjoy.

  14. BaltimoreKid1996 says:

    “You better get to work Jon Snow.”

    Me: OMG YES!

  15. Koi Pond says:

    Ok if they do become lovers I hope Bran tells them they’re aunt and nephew afterwards not before but after.

  16. Koi Pond says:

    Jon: I like your outfit. I like the Dragon bit.
    Dany: Thank you. Bend the knee?
    Jon: No.
    Dany: I don’t like your bun.
    Jon: I hate your outfit.
    Tyrian: Seven hells…

  17. Lucky Chap says:

    Uh??? Was it a crush on him what I just saw on her eyes??

  18. SwaanieRaan says:

    I really hope Dany or Tyrion push him for more info about him getting stabbed in the heart

  19. vacri 38 says:

    What’s special about Jon’s “I don’t” is this is the first time Dany has met another leader who isn’t ambitious or greedy.

  20. rogvortex58 says:

    Tyrion totally ships them.

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