Game of Thrones 8×03 Breakdown! Battle of Winterfell & Music Analysis

Game of Thrones 8×03 Breakdown! Battle of Winterfell & Music Analysis

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, the BATTLE OF WINTERFELL, gets an in-depth, scene-by-scene analysis! #BoostAmerica! Boost your credit score instantly for FREE. It’s only available at

Game of Thrones 8×03, titled “The Long Night,” features Arya Stark in her most heroic moment yet on the series. Is Arya now the hero of Game of Thrones? Erik Voss breaks down the Battle of Winterfell, and how director Miguel Sapochnik (Battle of the Bastards, Hardhome) used the Battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (2002) to structure this epic sequence, along with horror films like Night of the Living Dead and The Shining. What influences did composer Ramin Djawadi pull from the work of Hans Zimmer, as well as Djawadi’s own work in Light of the Seven? How do the visuals and dialogue of the opening seconds of the episode dictate everything that follows? What does Lady Melisandre’s role in this battle tell us about the influence of the Lord of Light in Westeros? Could the Night King RETURN?



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84 Responses

  1. Nuuwski says:

    Even in the books, I realize main characters don’t get killed off in battles, they die in Weddings and other back-stabbing sessions.

    • Lakeesha Davis says:

      +Ari.s-s Well you can’t just say anything you want to people and then cry foul when they respond to you the way they want…

    • Ari.s-s says:

      Lakeesha Davis I don‘t think anyone did cry foul? He can say what he wants but I stand by my opinion that it was a horrible way to respond to a little jab like that. I mean sure you can call someone a poopyface and they can respond by wishing death upon you and your whole family, call you the newborn hitler and whatever else they want. (Obviously this didnt happen to that extent) my point is that it still makes their response horrible.

    • nawawi I says:

      Yeah, even the old lord commander Morment survived the Fist of the First men to be stabbed in the back by his “brothers”

    • Maureen Kitty says:

      that’s true because during battles they are the most protected one. Lord, Ladies, Kings are usually the most protected during battles, while soldiers die. However, on a wedding day nobody would think that somebody would kill a high lord or something

    • squall44 says:

      Most main characters are killed off on the semi to last episode of the season. I’m sure Cersei will go on a rampage in the next two episodes and the final episode will be a ‘not a very happy ending’.

  2. Justin Vick says:

    First time on this channel. Thought the video was well written and very insightful.

    • happyyy go luck says:

      Their literally the best on YouTube when it come to nerd shit. And a lot of ther predictions come true

  3. Derek Brock says:

    Arya should’ve screamed, “OYSTERS, CLAMS AND COCKLES!” Before killing the Night King.

  4. Michael Huh says:

    Two things I hope for:
    1.) Nightking has a contingency plan somewhere, maybe it’s revealed after Cercei’s defeat that he planted something in either Jon or Bran.
    2.) That the writers are gonna pull a red wedding on us and have characters die in more random moments.

    • Simon Cook says:

      +Lian McGuire that bran theory makes sense about how he becomes a night king

    • Reina says:

      Sansa catches a flu and die

    • Sam Chau says:

      Michael Huh I really hope there’s a massive plot twist. If there isn’t then I’m really disappointed.

    • balluse says:

      Things I hope for: that the writers are magically switched and someone good at writing writes the last episodes.

    • Isaac Parker Netherway says:

      +balluse How are you going to diss the “writers” when they literally set out to adapt a series *that was supposed to be well and truly written by now* I don’t get it…

  5. Sean Francis Waters Lancaster says:

    I am glad Jon did not become snow wight and the seven kingdoms

  6. Rachel Eng says:

    I like how ghost flinched as the Dothraki blades were set ablaze. Nice touch.

  7. Unhinged savagE says:

    The biggest question is, how the hell did the main characters survive being in the front of the formation while all the hardened soldiers got wiped out behind them.

    • Xorgrim says:

      Also, they all did not bother with helmets or shields, except for Grey Worm. They had a good understanding of how well plot armor protects against the undead.

    • a swartzx says:

      +Aaron That doesn’t make any sense because guess what?- THe average soldier also lived long enough before this battle.

    • Tomas Vrabec says:

      +a swartzx just not through all their battles. The average soldier like wildlings were nearly whipped out during one battle, the average Nights of the Wale didn’t fight in the war of the 5 kings and the average farmer or commoner was just that…a commoner, a farmer.

      Look at all the fights they survived between each other, I think they could live. Besides… Most didn’t wear armor at all

    • Chely says:

      Loving the well deserved sass! +sevenrats

    • Rlvnt1 says:

      +sevenrats Just because something is fiction doesn’t excuse plot holes and bad writing u dumbass. Same thing as saying omg its a movie not real life

  8. The Plank! says:

    Nobody pointed out that when Bran wargs, the Night King is also warged… Bran = Night King? Lol

  9. Aman Biswas says:

    Will miss the epic “Smirk”?? of night king, no one does it better??

  10. G3 vibes says:

    Theon was a hero he took out many wights single-handedly

  11. Sumipun says:

    The piano melody was so full of despair ?
    I thought the battle was lost

  12. Garrett says:

    Entertaining episode…. but still an awful plot-line, terrible plan and absolutely no forethought towards the spiritual nature of GOT. Let the vitriolic replies commence… just my opinion.

  13. Ian Guya says:

    Hodor – Hold the Door
    Beric – BERICade

  14. Quintessenz says:

    Arya’s scene in the library reminded me of the kitchen scene in jurassic park 1 XD

  15. sara lou says:

    The whole world is a speck in the blue eye of a giant named macumber

  16. rnavarrojr7 says:

    Everyone in the fireplace drinking session—Tyrion, Brienne, Jamie, Podrick, Tormund, Davos—from episode 2 made it, just as Tyrion ‘predicted’.

    • Lian McGuire says:

      +Framlii Yes we did. Podrick is standing backed up against the wall with Brienne and Jaime when the dead fall. And Tormund is with Gendry, standing atop a pile of bodies at the same time… and we see both of them in the trailer…Arya kissing Gendry, and Tormund with his horn of booze cheering Dany in the Hall with the Lords.

    • Todd Howard says:

      +Framlii do you really think they would give them off screen deaths

    • Todd Howard says:

      +karimam1275 doubt it when they have dragons

    • Hiba Hassan says:

      Can’t believe we all laughed in disbelief when Tyrion said that sentence, look who’s laughing now,
      no one… literally no one.

    • NoneOfYour Beeswax says:

      Damn it Ser Jorah, why didn’t you just take the night off and go have a drink in the Great Hall and be part of the Survivor’s Club! Bugger the crypts, obviously drinking in the Great Hall was the safest place to be!

  17. cello Foryou says:

    Who else thinks the Dothraki charged in to save budget?

    • Johnkeav says:

      +Golden Eagle I can tell you didn’t notice the speed and height of that wall/wave of dead rolling towards them across the entire horizon… the blanket of fog/wind to stop all visibility that followed…which also helped sped up the dead and make your points irrelevant…….. Plus…get behind them? lol

    • Stoneryoda 937 says:

      cello Foryou or just to save the realm from being raped to death lol

    • Stoneryoda 937 says:

      Lady Gaga the death of summer was a literal way of saying winter is coming because the death of Summer …Eehhhhhh lol & save budget

    • Groucho M says:

      I thought they charged for the spectacular scenes of it & the dramatic resulting responses by Dany and all

    • Stoneryoda 937 says:

      Blake Hackenberg it was also to pay off Jamie’s line in season 7 “ they’ll beat any army “ and the shock on his face when all the light went out was like “oh shut “

  18. Loup Garou says:

    Night King: My bodyguard’s had one job…

  19. Supreme Lord says:

    It seems like the wights’ strategy for non main characters is to leap, overwhelm, stab and be done with it. But for main characters it’s to knock them over, pile up and flail on top of them in the dozens without doing anything lethal, until the character manages to escape.

  20. Heythem Eagle says:

    Yep , the real threat is not a 8000 years old semi-god , it’s a pregnant lady and a pirate .

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