Game of Thrones Season 5: Inside the Episode #9 (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 5: Inside the Episode #9 (HBO)

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20 Responses

  1. ugly idgaf says:

    how tf can ur favourite character be stannis when dany exists ? seriously
    thats just sad. 

  2. JGlascock100 says:

    IMO this is one of the best episodes of the show! Right there with The Red

  3. JGlascock100 says:

    It’s about the kids, and Fired and Ice

  4. GoodGamingLP says:

    I’m starting to believe that ASOIAF has the most arrogant fanbase in media

  5. Pierfrancesco De Paolis says:

    Learn how to write before producing Tv shows

  6. Bojackson says:

    0:33 didnt he make the decision to not sacrifice his daughter like 2
    episodes ago…. fcking Dave wtf r u talking about…..

    ps: nice job adapting the story RIP: barristan, RIP: mannis

  7. Sophia Wilson says:

    Aegon II Targaryen was jerk who try take the throne from the true heir.!

  8. Octavius CaesarCat says:

    Character assasination. Explain, oh D+D, why the fuck would anyone follow
    Stannis now? ANYONE? His own loyalist men were disgusted. This was an utter
    DOGSHIT plotline. Stannis never thirsted for ambition, it is made
    abundantly clear, it was for DUTY. You pair of tools.


    If Shireen burns in the book, it will be Melisandre and his half mad wife
    who do it.

  9. Robert Salek says:

    “Once Stannis makes a decision, he never changes his mind. He’s incredibly
    stubborn”. Oh, like how he told Melisandre to get the hell out when she
    brings it up in the previous episode? Where was that stubborness in this

  10. Abdu Elfitouri says:

    Danny taking away Stannis’ thunder. Fuck yea

  11. Sir Nils Olav says:

    Stannis still might be against this in the books! Shireen will die and be
    burned, but that will probably happen without Stannis’ approval. Melisandre
    believes Stannis is dead, so she sacrifices Shireen to the Lord of Light in
    hope of a miracle. Stannis, being busy kicking Ramsay’s ass will be
    ignorant of the event.

  12. obscuremedia says:

    I just love how you guys fuck with your audience. Good for you Dan and
    Dave. Keep it up. Don’t listen to the idiots who obviously need to live in
    their la la worlds of the KarTrashians. And I still forgive you for killing
    off my Robb, The True King of the North.

  13. Ornstein Dragon Slayer says:

    Wow, how much crying girls over here, you are forgot what show do you
    watch? Forgot Red Wedding? Forgot Ned`s death? Stop crying already, this
    fits Stannis and this is gonna happen in next book. So please, if you want
    kind of show where good guys defeat bad guys and innocents wont die, please
    go watch Disney shows.

  14. monokhem says:

    All you sad Stannisites are suffering from a serious misconception that you
    should have awoken from by this point. This isn’t the story of a great
    military commander becoming King. It is the Story of a bitter old fool who
    never won a great battle, who sacrifices everyone who cares about him to a
    sorceress who betrays him for a better leader. No amount of bitching about
    the show will change that.

  15. Peter Sherman says:

    this has been inevitable since se2ep10 when melisandre basically tells
    stannis that in order to win the iron throne he would have to betray his
    family and himself.

  16. rebekah172 says:

    Well I kind of figured something was gonna happen to Shrieen since they had
    so many mushy warm scenes with her. 

  17. Aljwadi says:


  18. hakuna matata says:

    Stannis Baratheon for president!!!

  19. overlookers says:

    Am I the only one here who wanted Selyse to join the pyre. Redeeming what
    little character she had.

  20. Thomas Caratgé says:

    what is going on with the unsullied guys? were they not supposed to be born
    for war? they are dropping like flies!!