Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #8 Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #8 Preview (HBO)

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20 Responses

  1. BasharkkGaming says:

    we want bran and white walker !!!

  2. Santiago Rivero says:

    Please do book Jaime!! Don’t go into the asshole Jaime path, let the poor
    bastard redeem himself.

  3. Henry .LT says:

    This season looks like its gonna end with the huge war, Here’s to the
    Boltons dying!

  4. Dih Gamer says:

    0:27 Dany coming home in style? or his two sons escaped? o/

  5. vhagar rivers says:

    When I saw the blacksmith at the start I truly thought: Gendry! Then I
    realised it wasn’t and felt like a twat for the rest of the episode.

  6. Freeden says:

    Damn, this episode looks like it’s going to be intense. There’s more action
    in this trailer, I think, than we’ve seen in any single episode this entire

  7. Игорь Ларин says:

    Gregor will be punished by “chickens” and will take a “road” naked)

  8. Kyriakos GR says:


  9. Caroline says:


  10. Jim Fether says:

    sweet only two more episodes left, awesome season wow yay fun…

  11. Martin Parry says:

    Very disappointed in how Arya was fooled by Waif. 1 season with the
    Faceless Men and she didn’t see that coming? It also looks like Waif
    inflected some terrible blows – how has she survived? Additionally, I was
    hoping for more from the Jaime / Blackfish showdown. Most underwhelming
    epsd of an excellent season.

  12. sson netro says:


  13. GameOfThrones 19 says:

    I think cersei will die at the end on this season

  14. Thug life Official says:

    i almost thought another stark bites the dust

  15. Fishfingers232 says:

    Finally! Some Sparrow murdering action! I’ve waited sooo long for those
    cunts to be taken down a notch.

  16. dikinebaks says:

    GET HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. SwaanieRaan says:

    Why tf doesn’t Jon just tell the northern houses that he was literally
    resurrected by God
    That should be enough for houses to fight for him

  18. Abhishekh KT says:

    for me Season 6 is more boring than season 5 ??

  19. IMOLDGREGG252 says:

    Arya Lady Stoneheart

  20. Near Baskara says:

    I hate Sansa .. such a disgrace for Stark