Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6: Inside the Episode (HBO)

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6: Inside the Episode (HBO)

Get an inside look at Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6.

Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Luo says:

    blue eyes wight dragon

  2. Gameplays and Piano says:

    Arya probably will kill Littlefinger. Can I hear an amen?

  3. betocole says:

    The good: The dialogs between the ‘Suicide Squad’, hillarious, honorific mention to Tormund with the Hound!!!

    The bad: Fanservice everywhere!!!! This is becoming more Lord of the Rings than GOT. I hope Michael Bay won’t direct any 8 season episode…..

    The ugly: Arya/Sansa storyline is too boring, too forced and out of character. Now Sansa is trusting AGAIN to Littlefinger???? Sending Brianne to King’s Landing (you can guess the new story), but Arya has become from a cool character to the most annoying ever!!

    The Fool: The Hound (reminds me Merry from Lord of the Rings)

    The stupid: All Daeneris failures has a name: TYRION LANNISTER. No matter if he is “betraying” her or not, his ‘strategies’ have been the opposite to “Play the Game of Thrones”, since Meereen, Euron’s attack, Castle Rock/Highgarden and now, the expedition beyond the Wall…all for Cersei ????? too naive or very stupid, Free dragon included to the Night King! Thanks Tyrion and all who listened to him.

    Ever stupider: What was the big deal with the dragonglass if was useless!!! a whole mountain for nothing. They had the White Walkers in front of them and it was a complete waste. It would be more epic if the arrows/swords were made with dragonglass and killed some White Walkers…… SHAME!

    The romantic scene; No!, no Daenerys with Jon, but his uncle rescue him exactly when he needed…. if this is not #fanservice, I do know nothing.

    Anti GOT moment: This was meant to be killed a loved character, well yes, Viseryon, Benji, Thoros…. But this was the easy option….. (how I miss the Red Wedding).

    WTF moment: Now the Army of the Dead is carrying huge chains…. just in case they find a little dragon over there??? REALLY ???

    The big absent: BRAN!!!!! Now we realized the 3 eyed raven skill is… seeing ‘beutiful’ things… and THAT’S IT! What a waste…

    The winner (of this season): Cersei…. She doesn’t need to do a lot, her enemies are doing the dirty job…

    Do not surprise if a TRANSFORMER will show up at any moment!

    #ThisIsNotGot #ImissGeorgeMartin #IneedToSeeEarlySeasonsAgain #Shame #fanservice

  4. NIKHIL MITTAL says:

    Got makers are doing injustice to viewers in making them wait another 7 days for episode 7

  5. Patrick says:

    Dany peaked under Jons blanket when he was sleeping and realized he wasn’t too little for her

  6. 4eversince19 says:

    Benjen could have easily gotten on the horse.

  7. Jon Snow says:

    Anyone else see longclaws eyes open when Jon came out of the water?

  8. Dan B says:

    Dany and Jon are probably gonna fuck
    Jon the poor lad doesn’t have much experience
    And Dany according to Dario is wild in bed
    Good luck Jon!

  9. Zach Moore says:

    2:36 Look at Longclaw, it’s eyes open when Jon comes out of the water

  10. DoeEyedDeer says:

    Jon & Dany are going to get married and make little Targaryen babies ?

  11. exgardevior says:

    So while Jon and his crew were waiting on that rock…
    Gendry had time to run back all the way to Eastwatch (in subzero temp, running up and down snowy hills)
    Send a raven all the way to Dragonstone (which is more than half a continent away)
    and Dany had the time to ride all her dragons beyond the wall (a place she has never been to before ALL ALONE) ?

    But the Night King is taking a good 2 seasons to march from Hardhome to Eastwatch? yeah….

  12. Walter White says:

    one of the worst episode of game of thrones, the writing was awful and the cinematography wasn’t as good as Hardhome or Battle of the bastard. Hope the last episode save this season because so far, it’s the worst season (in term of script). We miss you George RR Martin, it seems like D&D want to finish this project as soon as possible because they didn’t search hard to find a good script.

  13. Remy says:

    Not gonna lie, if Dany and Jon dont get down and dirty in the finale i’ll riot

  14. Nihilist Supreme says:

    I mean, it was an amazing episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it but fuck me, logic and reasoning has gone out the window these past few seasons and has been traded for cool action. I can definitely feel the absence of George as a writer. Like I said, the episode was amazing but there’s no way that he would go with this story.

  15. MrAlisted619 says:

    The whole series is about to end and we still have no idea what Podrick did to those girls.

  16. Schilddruse says:

    your episode was bad and you should feel bad.

  17. Bobby Rathore says:

    Dany to Jon: “C’mon let’s get outta here!”
    Jon: “Wait I need 8 more kills for an achievement lol”

  18. Rafael Fernandes says:

    No, Don’t call Uncle Benjen ‘Cold Hands’. just dont

  19. Sword Of The Stars says:

    What a stupid episode:

    Why have they ruined Arya’s character for the sake of unnecessary angsty drama between sisters?

    Why didn’t the Night King throw spears at Jon and the Fellowship when they were stranded on the rock?

    Or at the boats at Hardhome..

    Or at DANY who brought the dragons and was a stationary target on the ground instead of a flying dragon?

    Why didn’t Jon and crew bring dragon glass weapons for everyone?

    Why didn’t they use the flaming swords to keep warm during the night?

    Why did they even do this stupid plan to begin with? To convince Cersei? CERSEI?

    Why did the Hound get people killed by harassing a Wight for no reason?

    How the fuck did Jon get out of that frozen lake after being submerged?

    Why couldn’t Jon AND Benjen get on the same horse?

    Why in the immediate aftermath was Dany more distraught over Jon being missing over one of her DRAGON CHILDREN being killed?

    How could the wights and White Walkers pull out a giant dragon from an frozen lake? And where did they get the huge CHAINS from to pull out the dragon? Does the Night King have a giant tow truck offscreen? Did Euron drop that off for them too?

    Why is this show now expensive fan-fiction? It is axiomatically BAD.

  20. huckster699 says:

    The writing for this episode was really bad.. Have the dragon die on land. So the dead won’t have to swim down to tie a magical chain which came from who knows where on to the dragon. Make it so Dany is at Eastwatch so she does not have to fly 2000 miles to Eastwatch. Not to mention a raven flying the distance to get to her. Have Viserion attacking the knight king to divert his attention from easily hitting Drogon and the rest of the crew with the Ice spear. They were literally 100 feet from him. Instead you had the Night throw a spear at the smaller dragon that is 200 yards away and moving that is carrying no one?????. Have fucking Benjin get knocked off or fall off the horse with Jon instead of him just choosing to die???? WTF are you guys thinking?

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