Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Preview (HBO)

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  1. The Rambler says:

    I can’t wait to hear Dany shouting like her father “BURN THEM ALL!”

    • mayur thumma says:

      Missandei told her the same thing

    • Driverf 97 says:

      Oh she definitely lost it at the end of last episode, don’t be so innocent

    • Captain Malcolm Reynolds says:

      Rehan Verma she’s definitely on her way to it

    • Xenon Doro says:

      +All For One&One For All Lol, the irony here is that Jaime and Cersei are the Mad King’s children. In the books it’s told that the Mad King slept with Tywin’s wife on their wedding night. Tyrion, the child Tywin hated, is his only one. And Cersei is the mad Targaryen. That is why she’s always saying “father would be proud of me”. And Cersei will burn down the entire King’s Landing with wildfire just like her mad father wanted to. The battle against the Night King was the battle of ice and this is the battle of fire – tying with the book series’ title A song of ice and fire.

    • Anjali Kumari says:

      That would be so cool!

  2. Vítek Le Quoc says:

    Daenerys: 2 dragons dead, almost all dothraki dead, half of the unsullied army and no horses
    Stannis: First time?

    • Sandor Kolar says:

      Euron fleet takes down Rhaegal
      >Jaime betrays the North. Missandei is captured
      >Dany’s army captures Jaime; Brienne tries to talk to him but he refuses
      >Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon’s lineage and Tyrion tells Varys
      >Varys betrays Dany because he thinks Jon would be a better rule
      >Cersei has Missandei executed
      >Dany has Varys executed and assaults king’s landing and it’s one-sided as hell
      >Tyrion begs her to show mercy but she refuses
      >Tyrion frees Jaime to try to get Cersei out of the city
      >King’s landing gets wrecked in the battle
      >Drogon burns Euron’s fleet
      >The Hound fights his brother and they both die
      >Jaime fights Euron and kills him, but Jaime is mortally wounded
      >Jaime makes it to Cersei and they die together
      >Dany is executing everyone in King’s Landing
      >Dany has Tyrion arrested to be executed for freeing Jaime
      >Tyrion tries to convince Jon that his family will never be safe because of his lineage and how it makes him a threat to Dany’s rule
      >Jon tries to talk to Dany but she justifies her actions
      >Jon pledges himself to Dany but then stabs her and surrenders himself

    • Babita Devi says:

      Trust me more dragon’s are coming


      Faruk Aksamaz me too.

    • Vítek Le Quoc says:

      +Hope Mikaelson yeah because difference between stannis and dany is that stannis doesnt want the throne, if renly would have been older thus having better claim, he would follow renly, do you see daenerys giving up the iron throne? Stannis didnt want it, he did it because it was his duty, “we will liberate the north and take the iron throne, or we will die in attempt”. Dany is like bitch its my destiny, idc if you have better claim than me, its mine and thats it.

    • Vítek Le Quoc says:

      +Black182heart Maybe you should read the books, atleast youll get some info what directors have done with the characters. In the books, melisandre said to stannis that it would be better if they sacrifice someone to lord of light, his reply was “Half of my army is made of unbelievers, I will see no burnings, pray harder”. Also, he left his wife and shireen in castle black with bunch of his soldiers as guardsman. They intentionally make him this way so you can hate him, and his storyarc went to Jon for the sake of viewership. And if you cannot see through this bs, congratulations. You are among many, who have their brain washed away by show. You are the one directors are making show for.

  3. Top Arriveria says:

    Only in Westeros pregnancy lasts years. Cersei’s belly didnt even start showing.

    • Dressierter Seelöwe says:

      +Mr Niceguy What get a life? If she is pregnant, they should give her a belly. Better watch your Cartoons or animes in which nothing changes. Nerd.

    • Christie Greenwood says:

      Time is wonky in this show.

    • Prutha Masodkar says:

      She is using her preg to get men to be aside… tells jamie.. jamie leaves.. now tells euron.. he stays lol!

    • pratik_ MSDian says:

      And cersie will start showing it by not farting…

    • Negan says:

      A man can run from near The Frozen lake to Eastwatch where they send a Raven to Dragonstone and the Dragons fly to the Frozen lake all in the same episode .

      And you people are surprised pregnancy that may or may not be even true doesn’t show for a few episodes .

  4. ZA WARUDO says:

    still missing the Night King ….
    Edit : am i the only one is pissed off because jon left ghost after 7 seasons
    not even a hug to ghost ……
    Edit 2 : thanks for the likes on my comment i really appreciated

  5. LaQQ says:

    Tormund crying over his broken heart was the best part of the episode, he’s so sweet

  6. Kurt Cobain says:

    Gendry : Be my wife
    Arya while kissing : lmao no

  7. Flower Mohamud says:

    Jon: “You must swear to never tell another soul. We’re family. Swear it.”

    Sansa: ”I swear it.”

    Sansa, 30 seconds later: ????????????????

    • Carlosmp20 says:

      +hihi haha if you really think that you’ve missed the point if her character development entirely from season 1…

    • Rey B says:

      +Buzzkillington – Or it’s like Rocky watching Apollo Creed get his brains smashed in by Ivan Drago, yet he doesn’t throw in the towel because, gee, he kept a promise.

    • Naim :D says:

      hihi haha have you been watching her character story. Yes she might have wanted to be queen in like season 1 when she was a little girl but not anymore her him is winterfell the north she wants the north to be alone and have nothing to do with anyone else… she doesn’t want jon to make the same mistake as Ned and rob did. She knows what cersei is like she knows dany will crack and go full psycho

    • Eye Tiger says:

      Sansa dislikes Jon before. Didn’t even treat him like his brother. Now she wants to dethroned Dany to use Jon and make him King so she can keep the North.

  8. DEAD Triggerz says:

    Jon: Sansa, pls don’t tell anyone

    Sansa: *I’m about to end this woman’s whole career*

  9. 23The Dreamers26 says:

    Dany would’ve won if Missandei just jumped off with cersei -.-

    • Van Christian Ursua says:

      and arrows would’ve rained through Dany

    • Onche518 says:

      Cersei would’ve won if she had killed everyone right then.
      The writing is retarded, don’t question it.

    • Krishni Arumugam says:

      +Onche518 this is true. They were vulnerable and stupid

    • Reign of Hanabi says:

      +Onche518 Danny would’ve won if she followed Olenna’s advice

      “You’re no sheep, you’re a dragon. Then be a dragon”

    • Davide Govoni says:

      Cercei does not want to appear like a monster, beacause the people would easiliy switch side and turn against her. Also this is not the first time that a metting like this happened in game of thrones, for example when Daenerys went to fight in Astapor, if im not wrong.

  10. cinematic.fandom says:

    I finally remember how it feels when one of your favourite characters gets brutally killed ?

  11. faaiq farooq says:

    Ned stark kept the most dangerous secret for two decades.
    Sansa: I gonna end this show.

  12. Salamander Man says:

    they wasted Bran’s character. dude became an Encyclopedia smh

  13. Johny Gibony says:

    What do we say to the Lord of Storm’s End?
    Arya: not today

  14. Abhinav Gupta says:

    Dany must watch How to train your Dragon trilogy, those dragons really know how to dogde

  15. Chintan Mistry says:

    Cersie to Jamie: Our Child
    Cersie to Euron: Our Child
    *Mountain has left the chat*

  16. Arian Dito says:

    Bran sacrificed so much and people around him were sacrificed so he can become the Three Eyed Raven so he can sit on a wheelchair in Winterfell.

    • Mathews Mordecai says:

      All of them sacrificed their lives so he could become a bait

    • Daniel Horsman says:

      +Rachel Clopton The night king wanted him because he was the only one who knew how he was made. He wanted to kill bran and erase the memory of it.

    • Pinnochio says:

      +Rachel Clopton because he is the humanity’s memory
      EP1 or 2 S8

    • Shanika King says:

      Huy Dang
      Plus azor ahai prophecy. Arya wasnt supposed to kill him but they messed the writing up so bad they just did a bunch of random stuff. Storyline doesn’t even make sense now.

    • D M says:

      Pinnochio Come on dude that was a weak ass explanation

  17. Nguyen DucAnh says:

    Cersei:”Any last words ?”
    Missandei: “Elephants.”

  18. Hvend says:

    Night king: Im the main Villain

    Cersei: Hold my wine

  19. Parodic says:

    I’m waiting for a plot twist in the next episode, like seriously…

    • JH B says:

      Parodic Even if there is, the show ends up in 2 episodes..

    • NobleSquad says:

      The writers don’t seem to understand the concept of a plot twist… the best they can do is bait character deaths and then save them against all odds, or do something shocking even if it goes against all common sense and everything we know about the character.

  20. Grumpy -.- says:

    Gendry’s first act as a Baratheon was to get rejected by a Stark.

    He truly is his father’s son.

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