Game of Thrones X Bud Light | Official Super Bowl LIII Ad | Extended Version | HBO

Game of Thrones X Bud Light | Official Super Bowl LIII Ad | Extended Version | HBO

The Bud Knight’s watch has ended. What will you do #ForTheThrone?
Watch an extended version of the official Game of Thrones X Bud Light Super Bowl LIII ad.

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59 Responses

  1. Eduardo Alvarez says:

    Best Super Bowl 53 commercial. You can’t change my mind.

  2. Peter Ineleo says:

    The mountain and drogon are going to be the only surviving characters CONFIRMED

  3. The Other Side says:

    *My respect to Bud Light, for allowing themselves to get crushed even in their own sponsored ad. This is acknowledging the supremacy of Game Of Thrones above everything else.*

  4. Luna - says:

    WE’VE BEEN SITTING HERE FOR DAYS!! Start the damn joust before I piss meself…

  5. ARCtrooperblueleader says:

    Real talk, how could there be a trailer? Everything they could put in a trailer would be a spoiler beyond spoiler.

    • LookStn says:

      Just show people talking dramatically and fights that don’t reveal anything. It could be done.

    • Michael Handy says:

      Seriously, we will get the whole show in two months.

    • Charlie Marshall says:

      They’ve done a trailer for every season before, they should be able to manage this time… I know it would be a lot harder because every scene can probably only happen if “spoiler” happens, but they could figure it out;

      Some overhead shots of some of the battles, drogon flying, interactions between 2 characters that rarely meet and/or don’t like each other, maybe Jon and Dany kissing or Jon looking distant (after finding out who he really is) and Daenerys still looking blissfully unaware and in love with him, etc…. It’s definitely possible, it’d just be slightly shorter than the rest.

  6. No one of consequence says:

    This went from all fun and games to all death and terror. Much appreciated! ?

  7. Zech Merquise says:

    By far the best commercial i. The superbowl. When I saw the Mountain, i nearly lost it. And he crushed the Bud Knight ‘s helmet. Haha!! I remember that episode

  8. Daniel Joseph says:

    00:59 proof that a helmet wouldn’t have saved oberyn

    • Carly Crays says:

      The helmet still would have had eye holes. And think about what happened to Rhaegar: his injuries were made worse by being crushed in with his armor by the warhammer. So with that in mind, a imagine a typical Westerosi helmet could have just made things worse for Oberon.

    • JOhn Doe says:

      +crypto1223 narrowly dodged a /whooosh 😀

    • Corey Everett says:

      If Oberyn had worn a turban, *like every other Dornishman in GoT*, he wouldn’t have been as concussed from having his leg sweeped out and he might have had a chance to kill the Mountain.

    • Knives Millions says:

      He did wear one in the books. Didn’t help much.

  9. kEy NiGht says:

    Wow great trailer. Reused scenes with an edited setting to accommodate for Bud Light’s promotion. Nice job HBO!

  10. XactlyCeSe1 says:

    The time has come for a trailer. It is known.

  11. Kent says:

    “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.”

    Bud Knight- You, hold my beer. You, hold my other beer. Whoops, one more.

  12. Alyssa Marie says:

    Super Bowl who? We all know the real main event is going to be the #CleganeBowl

  13. Jesus Christ says:

    Game of thrones is awesome, Bud Light taste like cat piss.

  14. soyon manlai says:

    Question: Does any one remember the Hound and KFC.

  15. shabz says:

    GoT fans : we need a trailer
    Bud Light : Hold my beer

  16. Roy Greem says:

    Where was bud light when we needed funding for direwolves?

  17. BillNyexe says:


  18. Connor Surette says:

    This light-hearted Bud Light commercial went dark real fast.

  19. Evelin Kivi says:

    game of thrones characters aren’t safe even in commercials

  20. Pran J says:

    **What a time to be alive**

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