Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ►
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In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can’t give up. I’ve invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!

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54 Responses

  1. Argenti says:

    “You’re broken. We’re still your “FRIENDS”, do you still believe that ? I’m still here… I will put you back together”
    – Psychic friend Freadbear

    Remember that the color used for this text is the same as the pigtail girl from FNAF 4, and i did’nt forget it, it was too obvious of a clue to be a simple coincidence.
    – Do you miss “THEM” ?
    – The spirit talking in the book is supposedly “golden -freadbear- freddy ”
    – The “PARTY” was for you
    – Same font on Susie’s gravestone than the font used for each “FNAF 4” ‘s night

    • K1n6 N00b f0r pr353d3nt says:

      He will only do the theory on this if it gets praised on reddit by enough people, trust me he won’t give credit to you.

    • Fabio Lacap says:

      He’s a little fried, he needs to rework his previous theories and reexamine the text color codes.

  2. Mlp Forever 26's Channel says:

    Crying child may not have died just got injured…😏🙂😊😁

    • Crystal Jewel says:

      Mlp Forever 26’s Channel: I would agree with you, yet there was another theory that Matpat did where he calculated how deadly the bite was. It might be outdated but it’s still something to take into account unless it gets debunked.

    • SPY TUBE says:

      Mlp Forever 26’s Channel hey check out my 100 subscribers video plz let me no wut u think ✌

    • ChowYun Thicc says:

      This is so deep can we smash the like button for 69 to get out of jail

    • Kazumi says:

      It’s weird because in FNAF 1 the phone guy says it’s amazing how a human can *survive* without the frontal lobe, but in FNAF 4 there’s a flatline at the end, indicating that Mike died. Since FNAF 4 is the most recent one and Scott said he clarifies things in future games, it’s more probable that he died.

  3. persondotco says:

    *miracle* soul remnant

  4. InfinityDrag says:

    00:20 thaught that it was gonna be a jumpscare

  5. NicsterV says:

    AYYY TRENDING TWO TIMES IN A ROW edit: nice fnaf intro by the way

  6. Timothy McLean says:

    Hey, now, only HALF of your theories would be turned to dust! Have you even seen Infinity War? Insert overblown claims of MatPat not doing his research and threatening to unsubscribe here!

    • Netty Does Stuff says:

      Tru , true

    • Spiced Memes says:

      oh no 10 million – 1 thats like 0.0000001% of his subscribers

    • Nicholai II says:

      ArchRevenant have you ever considered that OP is joking? no? ok

    • Dylan Oliver says:

      We were in this together. From 2014 as a sophomore, to 2018 as a high school graduate, WE tackled this amazing, twisted, intriguing puzzle of a franchise together as theorists. Threatening to unsubscribe. Who tf do you think you are. Being wrong is a part of theorizing, you have to accept that it is going to happen. MatPat is doing, has been, doing a phenomenal job.

  7. Chumpy The Bunny says:



  8. Seth Nunya says:

    I’ve figured it out!!!!! A youtuber found the name cassidy, so I look online for the meaning of the name cassidy. I found that cassidy means “curly haired” and “blue eyed”. The makes me think that golden Freddy is the girl in the Mini game with the dead dog.

  9. vera sweeney says:

    Oh my goodness. I didn’t realize this was so important to me until after I finished and now I am questioning everything…

  10. Mr. toasty waffles says:

    Great video man

  11. Stender Enderman says:

    Hey Matt I have something to say… So remember your last theory where you couldn’t figure out who golden Freddy was? Well, in the books (Silver eyes) the main thing that Charlie and her friends talk about is “Micheal”. Later toward the end of the book as Carlton is trapped in a scrapped animatronic. (as Charlie told him) Carlton has like a reaction with the golden Freddy suit that’s across the room from him. He says (Not a direct quote from the book too lazy to go look back at the book :P) Micheal is that you? or something along those lines. Which could have to do with the grave that’s hidden, and who golden Freddy’s spirit is. or maybe Golden Freddy is whatever Micheal’s “real” name is. Like you said in this video Micheal may not be his real name. That is most certainly not a coincidence. “BUTT” hey that’s just a comment… A COMMENT THEORY THANKS FR READING. EDIT: And yes I know that some of you think it’s Cassidy but I haven’t read the teaser thing for the 3rd book ok people so don’t hate on my theory just because of that. (I also don’t want to read it because I don’t like spoilers)

  12. Narwhal Pilot says:

    That child kidnapping and robot stuff is starting to remind me of a certain fallout game…..

  13. OG Takishi says:

    Who’s here while #1 Trending.

  14. Earth Is A Donut says:

    you gotta give it to Scott…he probably thought out all of this when he released the first game

    • Jafar von Shacklehouse says:

      If that’s true Scott is a master at flying by the seat of his pants

    • TheDiamondBoy says:

      Honestly, Scott is crazy smart interns of making a very, very confusing and hyped story

    • Alex Kralie says:

      Or he just spins a wheel and whatever it lands on he goes with

    • Amol verma says:

      Actually fnaf 1 and 2 really had lil lore fnaf was one with story ,it is easy fr him to make this story but to hide it,in a sense fans can decode it in the most difficult way is the thing which made thus game famous

  15. Ise no Kami says:

    Okay, anyone else wanna see a jumpscare from that elephant animatronic? I bet it would be hilarious.

  16. DoragonHotaru g says:

    **watches whole intro** welp I’m scared

  17. Lord Omega says:

    Name your child *Scott Cawthon Patrick*

  18. Teenage Gamer says:

    Matt Pat I gotta be honest.

    *slams head on desk*

  19. Arkan NOA says:

    I feel like Scott Cawthon only keeps making FNAF games to spite Matpat…and I love it

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