Game Theory: The RACE to Solve Fortnite’s Season 5 Unsolved MYSTERY! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Game Theory: The RACE to Solve Fortnite’s Season 5 Unsolved MYSTERY! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Everyone thinks they’ve solved Fortnite’s big Season 5 mystery. You know, with Durr Burger appearing IRL in the desert and the mysterious portals popping up in the game. Well, I’m here to let you know there is MORE to this mystery than anyone suspected. Theorists, together WE are going to solve it!

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45 Responses

  1. ProPhaze says:

    Just so everyone knows, H9 is not unused like Matt thought, that’s where the cube started at. He likely recorded this video before the cube was out though.

  2. AnnKNEE :3 says:

    Wow this was really interesting! I personally don’t play or follow up on Fortnite, so I had no idea any of this was happening. I would’ve never guessed Fortnite could be a game with so much lore and so many mysteries. Props to Epic Games for setting this all up~!

  3. Bravest Gaming says:


  4. Galbatorix1496 says:

    (712) is from Iowa. I know because I’m from iowa. Could this means something? I just want to help the theorist community. Never mind I just saw that. But could there be some other thing? I saw a 4 on the code with the 8,3 and 6

  5. wise koolguykai says:

    Matpat i just founded something in the name thing i kept pressing # and it hung up thats kinda strange if u ask me edit: i found out the code type when u 1st call it press 8#63########## keep doing it and if u hear a beep say something and it will record it and will say its a voice mail that u can send im kinda scared to do it maybe u can try it like this comment so matpat can see it

  6. Where It At says:

    On Friday 8/24 when the week 7 challenges released there was a weird loading screen Easter egg/glitch of the Visitor launching a Rocket. My friend showed me because I thought he was joking at first. Then the cube came out soon after and the same symbols on the loading screen were on the cube. My guess is to wait for the screen’s official release to look at it more. The Visitor seems to be involved with the cube and the Enforcers are given that name because they have to stop anomalies such as the rifts and the cube since there seen bringing back the motel sign.

    • Veradux Shinoko says:

      really? interesting..

    • Justin Timberlake Fan says:

      Where It At the loading screen was from week 7 of last season

    • Where It At says:

      Not the one where he comes out it is the one where he is actually launching a rocket. I also was called back by the number and I’m trying to write down what it says back and post that. I’ll keep updated and encourage everyone to press star after hitting 8. Also wait for the new screens and we can get a definitive answer.

  7. Nick Valerio says:

    What’s the connection between the Mohave desert (where the durr burger was found) and the durr burger. Find that and see if we can use that same connection to find the other missing items

  8. Eldrin says:

    Actually the H9 idea didn’t get thrown out. If you were playing Fortnite on August 24 (2 days ago) you would know that if you were to go to H9, purple-ish lightning would be coming down and eventually a Cube would come out (you can go see the cube still but it moves). My theory about the cube is that it will go to the middle because from today there are 30 days and if it moves once (every square on the map) then in 30 moves it will move to the middle. But if you have been playing with the cube then you know that if you attack it then you get blown away taking damage I think that the cube will blow up either destroying a big part of the map or remaking and refilling the map, still keeping all of its features, but some things have been altered due to the cube’s matter. I dont know what I’m just saying but if you want to actually go ahead and reply (Especially you MatPat) and we can talk more about my theory.

  9. Adry Foster says:

    Maty paty, just realized I could run a spectrogram/translation of the mysterious cubes noises and symbols! Big fan btw…☺

  10. Venlos says:

    My prediction is that the Enforcers are trying to take all the misplaced items , like Drift.
    So maybe the enforcers have to complete there job

  11. Blockii X says:

    Also maybe there was a code or other thing in the llamas?

    Edit: right near the right hands knuckles it says I am ca maybe that’s it!
    Like so matpat can see

  12. MrToby11 says:

    Is it just me or did the crack disappear?

  13. Guy Fieri Fan girl says:


  14. Dark _Crusader123 says:

    I think that the tomato head was sent to the real world, but sent somewhere underground, and when tomato temple appeared, the tomato probably fossilized, and that’s why it’s stone

  15. Toffee Marley Taco says:

    Ok hopefully someone sees this but does anyone notice… Drift in Fortnite (the sixth style) shoots pink lightning, so does the pickaxe. The Cube sometimes shoots pink lightning. The cube also has little symbols on it and glows pink. When you die by the cube it shows the symbols.
    Sometimes the cube makes noise it could be a spectrogram.

  16. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    … And the Rift just created a massive purple Cube out of lightning. And is appeared in *H9.* And now it’s moving. So, um, yeah, the story is _moving_ along.

  17. BlueBladeSkits !!! says:

    What about the Name Drift, you know the guy who was Doing graffiti on The Durr burger and was Rifted to the world of Fortnite?

  18. CaptainsRath says:

    What if for the name you put drift, since he disappeared when the rifts appeared.

  19. Anil mehta says:

    Well, what buildings were the llamas in? Were the named after people? Could the names or addresses of the building be clues? Also, I personally think the name you’re looking for is the name of the visitor. He probably came from and returned to Our world, so the name probably refers to him

  20. Cubix Pro says:

    A name? In save the world one of deafults is called Ramirez

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