Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

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So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on YouTube. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, despite the coming launch of Google Stadia, they have built a platform that will not support it. Sit back and hold your favorite game close, Loyal Theorists, the future isn’t looking bright.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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51 Responses

  1. Aardvarkius Playz says:

    DOOM: Eternal
    Cyberpunk 2077
    LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

  2. Remakexx247 says:

    Game theory: half million views in 1 hour
    Generic late night show: half million views in 1.5 days

    YouTube Trending: Trending for you Traditional Media

  3. Lord Toxic says:

    What I hear from this:

    Twitch = Quality over Quantity
    YouTube = Quantity over Quality

    • MrGuy says:


    • SchuylerFox says:

      Hell no. Twitch will ban you for saying anything non PC in an instant.

    • pyrokazama says:

      Neither cares about quality, it’s all about the quantity. Both want you to watch as much content as possible, they don’t care if it’s good content or bad content as long as you’re watching… actually they probably preffer you watch bad content because that one is easier to make/find than good content.

    • XxLeo _ Lionheart says:

      What about the twitch thots?

    • Alex Elsaadi says:

      Twitch is a much harder platform to perform in since it’s always live. But Twitch streamer make way more than YouTubers

  4. Grantonator says:

    So either Stadia forces YouTube to get fixed, or we’ll all be looking for YouTube 2

  5. Doorknob says:

    I guess this would explain why there’s been so many adverts lately.

  6. Weapon Master says:

    mat pat starts saying Demonetization,
    youtube: this seems like a good time for an ad.

  7. vivizwag says:

    Time for someone to create a new platform for gamers to upload their gameplays to without getting demonetized instantly

  8. Poompitch Luangnaruethai says:

    Us : which gaming content on youtube is bad?
    MattPatt : yes

  9. The troll One says:

    Matpat: fortnite is gonna be untouchable.
    Minecraft: im gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

  10. Heresor says:

    *sees Summoning Salt*
    Ah, you are also a man of culture

  11. Gato De Mexico says:

    MatPat: Was demonetized or age restricted, so..


  12. The Grumpy Troll says:

    Somebody to Keanu Reeves: You’re breathtaking

    Keanu Reeves: *right back at ya buckaroo*

  13. Celestial Gamers says:

    Game Theory: Youtube is killing Games!

    Youtube Trending: NO YOU DON’T!

    • The IcePhoenix says:

      Youtube: **hears Gametheory theory is talking about their flawed system**


  14. ShadxwGirl says:

    “How youtube ruins gaming”
    Youtube: Okay taking this off the recommendation list

  15. ATOMICFURY 2606 says:

    “ Like all living things, a fever was sent to fight it..”

    Minecraft: Rises up to fortnite

    The Internet: Let them fight

  16. Unhealthy Squidners says:

    2014: let’s make games good and fun
    2019: let’s make games have gambling and addictive.

    Theory: fortnite will make games illegal due to gambling.

  17. The Bronze Eagle says:

    Matt: *Youtube is ruining Gaming*

    YouTube: so let’s just put that on trending

  18. Jadeaphire says:

    Youtube: let’s put this on #1 trending

    *video is all about criticizing youtube*

  19. Karrington Bourgeois says:

    I love how a Youtube video against youtube is #1 trending lol

  20. DJames says:

    Game theory: “youtube is ruining gaming”

    YouTube: “let’s make this #1 on trending”

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