Gamers Educate Jimmy Kimmel

Gamers Educate Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy recently upset the gaming community when he suggested the popular activity of watching other people play video games online is a waste of time. This resulted in an outpouring of angry comments, so Jimmy decided to sit down with popular online gamers Markiplier and MissesMae to learn the ways of the game watcher.


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Gamers Educate Jimmy Kimmel

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20 Responses

  1. Stacy E says:

    Fuck youtube gaming. Twitch is where its at and you should talk to some
    twitch people not youtube people who make videos that dont even stream. Luv
    u jimmy!! i used to not understand twitch too but now i get to see games
    before i buy them. It helps me not burn money. Then sometimes u might
    really like the streamer. I love a streamer that can make me laugh.

  2. bamfz flame says:

    He should’ve just watched Vanoss and would realize how fun it is to watch

  3. Randy P says:

    Jimmy Kimmel trying to understand the younger gen,this was needed. I am
    just sad that it was not acted out a little more,it seemed too well
    mannered,like that they have way too much respect for each other. +1 I like
    all these people.

  4. Owain Jones says:

    @corbin p slit your own throat faggot

  5. AnDrEwJePpY says:

    I think Markiplier should show Jimmy Kimmel his fan reaction videos and
    some horror games to show a big reason why people started watching others
    game and what it can do to affect a community in more than just
    entertaining them for a couple minutes on end

  6. ThatCasualGamer says:

    At least he gace gaming a chance

  7. Bikash Gautam says:

    I have the same couch they are sitting on lol

  8. iGonda100 says:

    I’ll forgive jimmy kimmel for this. I LOVE markiplier for what he does but
    the COD community also are bitching like 12 year olds. Grow up

  9. Weird People Channel says:

    I really hoped that this would be great, I mean it sounded like Jimmy was
    honestly going to try to listen, but every time they tried to make a point,
    Jimmy had to interrupt to try and make a joke, which failed miserably.
    Markiplier was just talking about charity events he does with his fans, and
    how he considers his community special to him, and your first response to
    someone caring about his fans is that he has sex with them? Really?! And
    then he went on to make fun of MissesMae’s boyfriend, I mean come on, have
    some class Jimmy! You’ve just met these people, and you’re making fun of
    their loved ones, who you don’t even know! I get that it’s for “comedy” but
    you can find other ways of being funny other than by attacking people
    Jimmy. In the end, Mark’s face at 5:54 sums up this segment entirely; it
    makes you cringe.

  10. pika lover 7 says:


  11. Denis Yonin says:

    “He’s got a million views”
    Not even close

  12. James “InterJex” Excell says:

    I don’t think Jimmy took them seriously when they said that a 10 year olds
    probably all those comments. But Jimmy hasn’t been on XBOX Live soo….

  13. Leila Mullison says:

    On of the things about Let’s Plays that makes them great is how friendly
    and funny the people are. Plus it’s a good way to find new games you
    wouldn’t normally see and know which ones you want the money for, and it’s
    a good way to meet people with the same interests and humor. But you have
    to care about it. You can’t just take an interest to make the community
    feel better.

  14. sasuke32150 says:

    Thank god it wasn’t pewdiepie

  15. Extortus says:

    this is good. Well done Jimmy Mark and Mae.

  16. Richard T says:

    This was entertaining.

  17. Whiz says:

    All I gathered from this is that Jimmy still doesn’t get it and probably
    never will. His ignorance doesn’t change my appreciation for the culture at
    all. To each their own.

  18. DutchGuyMike says:

    Jimmy is illuminati.

  19. J Kim says:

    Damn. Jimmy Kimmel… is kind of an asshole. There are many ways of being a
    comedian without being an asshole about shit you don’t get. Smh.

  20. crazyponygirl says:

    I hope this will satisfy the adults who act like a bunch of 12yr olds.