Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

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54 Responses

  1. Tek says:

    The ultimate game of Battleship, yes that’s why I want this new tech

  2. Ali BehBehaNi says:

    Hell Yah ??

  3. imperiajor says:

    LG is Awesome !!! (also Linus 🙂

  4. lemmonsinmyeyes says:

    Can we use these in VR headsets? so people wont wack themselves or their pets???

  5. Wuurx Games says:

    Next thing they gotta do is make the thing touch screen

  6. ArcNovaV1 says:

    I wonder what was behind the red curtain

  7. Alexander Mitchell says:

    Imagine phones with cameras behind a transparent OLED

  8. 539 Productions says:

    I want it as a HUD display on my car!

  9. Yinjiaxiang says:

    This is the most expensive WINDOW in the world.

  10. UnSoLved JaCob says:

    triple clear TV setup coming soon?

  11. AsciiGDL says:

    The sad thing is that 3D content would look awesome in one of those displays but no one manufactures 3D screens anymore ?

  12. Avi8tor says:

    LinusGangstaTips- How to steal a fake chain

  13. Mason Mills says:

    What if they put an OLED behind the clear OLED? Giving depth or some sort of 3D without smart glasses.

  14. CubeZanimation says:

    I have seen transparent Displays like this 10 about 10 years ago at the CeBit in Hannover/Germany lol :D!

  15. InCrIpTiOn says:

    Could you have 4 displays at different offsets to create a 4x res display? hmmm

    • Johnpnw says:

      Not really, from my understanding. If the pixels are the same size, and each screen is showing a different image such that when they are overlaid it produces a full image, then you would be left with the issue that you didn’t increase the sharpness of the image but only the (potential) clarity. That is, the pixels are the same size and there are not any added pixels with respect to screen size (which means no increase in resolution) but you have more pixels behind screen to show different parts of an image which would increase the clarity of the display (mainly, the curves of displayed media). This would be, I believe, a good idea, but too costly for the slight increase in clarity. (I wish I could add in an image to show what I’m trying to say)

    • Ethan Short says:

      i mean 8k tvs exist and probably cheaper and definitely better

    • 野龍 says:

      The back panel is actually a grate with tiny holes rather than completely transparent. So if you have displays at different offsets the best you can do is probably 2 (to get roughly 1.5x resolution per axis I think), and the screen would barely be transparent. But then why not just make a non transparent version anyway.

      However, the offset idea is being used in projectors a lot, so that almost native 1080p can be achieved on a 800p DMD chip, and 4K on 1080p chip.

  16. TheFancyUmbreon says:

    There’s a lot that this could be used for outside of simple television sets, most notably augmented reality tech. HUDs on car windshields to show relevant or important information in the area/on the road, glasses or a better Google Glass, AR headsets, if LG ever decides to research this a bit farther or allow some other companies to use this tech for their own research, there’s a LOT that they could use this stuff for.

    • 野龍 says:

      Also Miku livecom. Current technology of using projectors can produce a glare when Miku is aligned with the projector, and the brightness isn’t good enough that it doesn’t work very well if the background isn’t completely black (aka instrument player in the background isn’t gonna work very well.)

  17. heyharty says:

    TV windows!

  18. Apis Ace says:

    Applicable to tennis games and stuff on both sides of the screen

  19. hazard1024 says:

    So in the home of the future, your bathroom will be all oled pannel enclosed. It will be clear when un occupied and opaque when occupied. You take your game pad from the couch sit on your throne controller in hand. And your livingroom tv appears on the wall through whole home integration and you game on UNINTERRUPTED!

  20. gabriel esprada says:

    that feels when people can have it but you can’t.

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