Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That’s unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

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20 Responses

  1. Alexander Guerrero says:

    The British people reacting to Gerrymandering is kinda hypocritical especially since they have the House of Lords who are appointed to their political positions and get to serve until they retire or die without elections barring some scandal. So when the British are telling our system is corrupt when theirs is argueably less democratic is being a hypocrite

  2. david gonzalez says:

    gerrymandering needs a darker name

  3. Cruze Adams says:

    This season of the POTUS reality show has been riveting. Our main protagonist, Trump, is such a multi-faceted character and his supporting cast are fascinating. I don’t even know who Obama’s Press Secretary was, but in Sean Spicer we have a character on par with the President. Brilliant television. Sad that this will be the final season, but at least the season finale will be explosive.

  4. FramesPerWeek says:

    I am a random person with the ability to breath unassisted. Give me likes now.

  5. SpeedStick says:

    Pepsi anyone?

  6. Jonathan Taylor says:

    Republicans should all move to one giant red voting district called Mars.

  7. MysterieusM says:

    Only the naïve think that democracy will ever work. The elite will ALWAYS oppress the weak majorities through propaganda. When will people learn? Lobbying is legal form of bribery. Of course every act of injustice will be rationalized by the puppets of elites (lawmakers, judges). Our department of WAR is called department of “defense.” So much deception and the majority is blind to this, mainly through propaganda, but also because they feel weak and hopeless. These Orwellian terms reminds me of the book 1984 by George Orwell! May God save us!

  8. Andrew Hong says:

    I love how comedy shows these days are doing a better a job than major news stations at covering political and social issues here in America.

  9. 9sippi3 says:

    Everytime I see LastWeekTonight I think that the American political system is pretty messed up.

  10. Syed Abdul Wasay says:

    this is what’s happens when you have a two party system , everything get rigged to fuck!!!!!

  11. StyxTBuferd says:

    I like how many ppl in here think Gerrymandering is an entirely Republican thing.

    If you want to see how bad the Dem districts look, North Carolina and Maryland exist as the worst of the worst examples. EDIT:

    Okay, this comment blew up, so let me clarify some things:

    1) I’m referring to the content of the comments, not directly of the video. John does point out Democrats doing the same thing to some small degree, though the slant is definitely there to imply Republicans get a much bigger benefit from this. They don’t, and there are comments in this thread that make specific examples of this.

    2) I did watch the video before posting. Again, my original comment was literally just referring to ppl posting on this video.

    3) It’s not helpful to get riled up at a comment just because it criticizes the view that Gerrymandering only affects Democrats. If you want to argue that this is case, start by not calling the original comment a fuck wit just because your reading comprehension is off- you’ll get much further.

    4) JO incorrectly implies that Federal representatives (i.e. the people representing the lines of these districts) are the ones who draw district lines come Census. They do not- in most states, that responsibility falls to the whole of the state legislature (in none does it fall to the representative). Also worth noting is that many states that have their boundaries drawn this way are essentially the same as states drawn independently- Colorado is state leg drawn but has very little Gerrymandering comparative to most states.

    5) Gerrymandering is a problem- my point is that both sides exploit it. If you need an example, N. Carolina’s 1st and 12th district boundaries- both Democrat at the time, and still today- were deemed unconstitutional by the 4th circuit court for being drawn on racial lines.

    6) Thus, referring back to the video, I have a massive problem with that Latino drawn Chicago district, which by law is only intact because no one has challenged it yet, even though it too is drawn by racial lines. JO rightly says that that is against the law to make a district to encompass specific racial demographics by the voting rights act, yet defends it in the case of a Democratic district outlined for a Latino community.

  12. Fabian H. says:

    Another fucked up USA system.

    I am happy I dont live there 🙂

  13. Jonathan Mews says:

    What about: Hey, you gained 60% of the votes, here have 60% percent of the fucking seats.

  14. Stefan Riegler says:

    Dear Us people: your entire voting system is shit. The ‘winner takes it all’ system was needed when votes were counted on a dirty piece of paper, and made it less easily to manipulate. In times of computers you can actually count every vote for itself and only use the absolute result for your seat-calculation and other elections. Which is the only system that is fair to everybody, and anyone opposing it shows only that they want the system to be unfair.
    the actual inventors of democracy (Europe)

  15. seinna june says:

    is The US the only country in the world with an electoral college ?

  16. Cynthia White says:

    Maybe I am missing something here, but why do we need districts? Why not look at the stats as a whole? If a state votes 44% blue, then why not give them 44% of the seats?

  17. Lil Moogz says:

    My baby vomited listening to Trump ?❤️

  18. Janik Wieland says:

    every time I watch this show I’m happy to live in Germany

  19. bryantppierce says:

    But, Republicans DO disadvantage minorities, so shouldn’t that then be illegal?

  20. hefe batsen says:

    Funny how you only bash Republicans when both parties are doing it.

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