Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd – Lost in the Fire (Official Video)

Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd – Lost in the Fire (Official Video)

Listen & Download “Lost In The Fire”:

Director: Manu Cossu
Art direction: Valentine Reinhardt
Production: ICONOCLAST
Producer: Maëva Tenneroni

#gesaffelstein #theweeknd #lostinthefire

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70 Responses

  1. Kid Verbe says:

    The weeknd rocking that khalid cut?????

  2. Oscar Ortiz says:

    I just want a baby with the right one. Can never be the one to hide one. ?? drake diss?

  3. MirroredSmoke says:

    Weeknd and Gesaffelstein album PLEASE

  4. Some Random Name says:

    Let’s be real here. You’re only here because the Weeknd shared this in his community tab.

  5. Leex Gaetan says:

    “Lost in the fire”?
    More like, “I can’t lose you, babe”…

  6. Ellie says:

    Okay so Bella is bisexual

  7. Herr Bert says:

    At 2:23 you can hear half a second Gesaffelstein. 😀

  8. David Dvid says:

    Whos here before it blows up

  9. EJ The YouTuber says:

    Song is ok. Video makes it a bit better as always… just waiting for Abel to drop some actually fire, this shit is just smoke…

    • T3rr3nc3 Tann3r says:

      EJ The YouTuber can’t create smoke without some heat tho ??

    • Avi Saluja says:

      Been here since trilogy, and I tell you right now this is fucking fire right here my friend

    • Lizzy Grant says:

      +Avi Saluja It’s the shit, but it’s definitely not The Morning or Gone. That’s okay though, this is his new direction and pissed off fans who complain aren’t evolving with the artist

  10. POLOBOI :v says:

    So y’all talking about Weeknd but not about Gesaffelstein

  11. Amazely says:

    Please make more dark rnb no more happy pop music bring back the old Weeknd !

  12. Marty.G says:

    This guy never lets me down

  13. WhateverULike02 says:

    Producer: “Alright, time for the video Abel.”
    TheWeeknd: “But, my comb is stuck in my hair…”
    Producer: “Now or never, friend.”
    TheWeeknd: Rolls with it and still makes an amazing video.

    • Matthew Witherspoon says:

      Gosh damn you Yankee white people are such squares.

    • Matthew Witherspoon says:

      +cMARVEL360 Shut the fuck up bitch, stealing your culture, niggas didn’t invent combs nor pants nor jackets, so better go get you a grass skirt and fucking lip plate bitch, y’all are stealing Caucasian culture, stupid ma fucker.

      Fuck around and we might make chains and shackles a fashion statement for you niggas again. Stealing your worthless shit, get the fuck over yourself, niggas haven’t even invented the wheel in Africa, why you think the women carry baskets on their head? You think it’s because there’s nothing to make wheels out of or maybe the stupid Bush meat eating niggas haven’t figured out wheels and axels yet? Was me, my old lady would have a cart, but, you niggas can’t do shit for yourselves, stick a comb in your head, y’all didn’t invent combs lol. Just cause y’all can shuck and jive better than white people doesn’t mean white people are going out of our way to steal niggas shit, y’all ain’t go nothing to steal, not even good for field work anymore.

    • VENDETT4 BE4TS says:

      Uncultured white girls….

    • Matthew Witherspoon says:

      +cMARVEL360 Get the fuck over yourself bitch, you would be nothing but an ebola victim with no clothes and mosquito bites had we left y’all’s worthless asses back in Africa, better be grateful your ancestors took one for the team and hooked up with white folks, you’d be just another poor unhealthy broke ass nigga where y’all come from.

      If White Americans can’t learn and do shit only white people do, then niggas got stuff only niggas do to, like steal anything that’s not tied down, lie when the truth sounds better, eat the fuckin Bush meat with ebola in it, hack each other to death with machetes.

      Bitch, you had better guess again, I bet you like air conditioners and ovens, none of that shit came from Africans. I bet you like sweet tea and koolaid, yeah, niggas didn’t invent that either.

      The fact white people adopted anything at all from y’all and y’all adopted the entire white man’s way of life, seeing as how y’all drive cars and use money, all white people shit.

      Go get you a chicken and do an animal sacrifice to appease the spirits, go find the shaman to put a spell on me.

      Fucking stupid ass nigga.

    • Matthew Witherspoon says:

      +cMARVEL360 Fuck around and I’ll find you a row to pick, put your black ass back to something productive.

  14. Oğuzhan Uysal says:

    First 30 sec is very very very good but whole song is so monoton. (I listened it 100 times)

  15. raphaël Milliés-lacroix says:

    RIP Gesaffelstein
    Merci bien les amerloques, buté les daft punk en live ca avait pas suffit ?!

  16. Mladen Ristić says:

    Theweeknd > Drake

  17. Bianca Nogueras says:

    Whoever is reading this I hope you have a good day

  18. Edithhh says:

    Let me be your replay button

  19. Stanley Lean says:

    Who’s here because of Gesaffelstein and not The Weeknd?

  20. Uprise Music says:


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