Smosh Summer Games is really heating up so it’s time to get soaked with an awesome water balloon challenge! Whichever team can get hit the most – wins!

Summer Games is all week with some of the BIGGEST challenges EVER! It’s Team Balloonatics vs Team InflataBULLS who will be victorious?!


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76 Responses

  1. Smosh Pit says:

    Vote for your favorite team! Find your team’s comment below and hit ‘like’ on your favorite!

    We will change our banner art to the fan favorite! Make sure to visit our channel tomorrow to find out who won!

  2. Bobmcbobinsmithson says:

    I’m routing for inflata-bulls just because of Damien…

  3. Musical Mania says:

    I am now forever saying Whet

  4. Crimsn SP says:

    Noah or Shane for MVP, Noah was the only one who made 5/5 which saved their team and Shane got the most catches.

    • ElMarto says:

      Crimsn SP and Lasercorn for the most brave.. HE FREAKING BLEED

    • Suk It says:

      Noah gave up ten points in the punishment diving though

    • Crimsn SP says:

      +Suk It shit, that’s true

    • Kyubbigirl says:

      Courtney should get MVP for the Ball Relay. That girl was so good on her feet!

    • Jensen Nick Chin says:

      i think the diving punishment game is the last game of all summer games. Don’t you feel that it’s too convenient they always have a one score difference in each games? Like 4:5, or 3:4. But never 1:6, or 2:5.
      Remember it’s a video, they can scramble up the order of the videos. They never knew their scores every time when the video start, except the effects that added. So about Noah lost the 10 points, I bet the Balloonatics have finally won the game (not the final race), they are just even it up to maybe 3:4, so Noah purposely lose it.

  5. Study_Guide says:

    I think we need a montage of courtney’s face in the background.

  6. Amelia Millstone says:

    tanner in a crop top is something i never knew i needed

  7. Abigail White says:

    My fav team? WHIchEVEr ONE HAS SHAYNE

  8. Brandon Ravelo says:

    If your wondering about the score. Balloonatics are at 2
    Inflatabulls are at 2.
    So it is a tied game.

  9. alltimelowow says:

    Noah and Courtney have definitely been the mvps this season

  10. john kaitalidis says:

    Wow thats a 5 star Juice delivery right there.

  11. x_x_yojan_x_x says:

    Next captains has to be Keith and Noah they’ve been carrying their teams

  12. Baljeet says:

    No matter what, if Wes’s curse is broken or not, Wes is going to get LVP (my opinion)

    • Izaiah Kelly says:

      To be fair though Noah gave up the winning points the ballonatics needed in the punishment scuba and keith then stole them. I think that kinda out does Wes’s triple ballon no score

  13. Boop Boop says:

    “Hey sweety, what’re you watching?”
    “Busty Balls”

  14. Mads97415 says:

    It actually scared me a little bit seeing Lasercorns sunglasses break when the balloon hit him in the face because I’ve heard of people messing up their eye or having to get stitches because of stuff like that.

  15. When An African Kid says:

    2016 oliva: *calls shayne daddy*
    2017 shayne : daddy needs his juse
    2018 courtney : daddy got his juse

  16. Lexiana Petty says:

    Joven should take MattRaub to court for locking him up in a room and forcing him to build a Lego star wars spaceship

  17. Sarah GH says:

    Daddy got his juice. Wes is still cursed. Tanner rocking the ref crop top.

  18. Pug_Power says:

    Lasercorn : “all Joven’s shots are going to be crooked because one arm is way stronger than the other.” I couldn’t stop laughing when I realized what it meant 😂

  19. POPE Ace Guru Genesis says:

    So sad summer games is already gonna be over so soon. Only one week. One week only.

  20. Lasercorn says:

    Someone owes me a new pair of sun glasses.

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