getting into a conversation in a language you don’t actually speak that well

getting into a conversation in a language you don’t actually speak that well

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20 Responses

  1. Mgtow Tom says:

    I swear on me mum you’re one cheeky cunt m8.

  2. nosey josh says:

    Hello (sorry for bad English)

  3. Lysander45 says:

    I feel like this is more of a cry for help than a skit. “Shit guys I’m visiting distant relatives what do I do?!”

  4. Uncle Ryan says:

    Even out of context the sonic drowning music still gives me anxiety

  5. XxfirewolfxX box says:

    How is this possible look at his views and look at the second trending it’s impossible

  6. The MusicSupreme says:

    Check out my bridge over troubled water video!

  7. Gplayer says:

    fuck, accidentally deleted! that’s the fucking better than talking like a spokesman who comes from the great town.

  8. Neil Rischl says:

    I have been to Korea a few times and picked up a few words. I used them while eating out at a Korean place in Denver and the nice woman just kept talking to me in Korean and I have no idea what she was saying. Apparently my accent is pretty good and she thought my mom was Korean. I’m the whitest person alive and horrible at accents. LOL

  9. Sufyan Qassem says:

    Family gatherings in a nutshell

  10. LatinaFangirl says:

    #1 on trending!!!!!!????
    Now get ready for all the negative comments from non-subscribers.??

  11. Superlumer 88 says:

    Who is this Korean boy and how do I get to his boypussy?

  12. Shortruler says:

    “Gun…face…fuck” Korean is such a beautiful language.

  13. Lori Brannon says:

    I spent a few hours trying to learn a simple thank you and welcome phrase for foreign workers to make them feel comfortable. I ended up saying something totally sexually inappropriate to a group of 4 polish guys. not cool not cool I will never trust translation services again.

  14. Virdo Kmc says:

    Holy shit, this video on #1 trending page!

  15. Archer Noonan says:

    Sign me up for a gun face fuck

  16. IIEnderdragonXx says:

    Why is this on trending

  17. rEaR vIeW says:

    Me trying to speak Vietnamese to people who ask me to

  18. Jaydesu says:

    i was wondering why tf this is trending but it seems big enough lul

  19. Yesh says:

    You tube is broken

  20. gamogam says:

    Wow you got on 1 trending good job

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