Getting Recognized Stories

Getting Recognized Stories

Some of you know what my face looks like. Here are some noteworthy times you spotted a wild Rebecca in her natural habitat!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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34 Responses

  1. Let Me Explain Studios says:

    All my love to my older fans! I’m happy to be hearing from you all in the comments! Makes me proud my work is enjoyable to everyone! 🥰

    I’m on the older side too, so thanks for letting me make a little joke!

  2. Scyrina says:

    For real tho, I’m extremely glad the Animation community has so many adult viewers!:> It’s about time animated creations aren’t seen as kids’ stuff. It’s already upsetting enough that the generation before us still thinks that. When I’m much older I want to stand to my favorite YouTubers and watch my favorite Disney movie without someone looking down on me and asking if I do that because they assume I have children. How foolish of them haha.

    • Bernie Katzroy says:

      Animation is for all ages.

    • slashermaster28 says:

      @Knife Rat Nowadays, people are starting to realize it, but there’s still a big community that just doesn’t get it. Some parents will even show their kids PG-13 or R-rated movies just because they happen to be animated. I remember reading this review for Ghost in the Shell where this enraged mother said she took one look at the box art (The one that featured a woman in a skin suit that made her look naked) and mistook it for a ‘typical family film’. I’m not kidding.

      The worst are some of the academy voters. Let’s face it, their anti-animation bias is already well-known at this point (And if you ever wanted to know why Disney wins that animated feature award 95% of the time and why animated films almost never get nominated for best picture, that’s why), but some of them legitimately refuse to give animated films a shot and abstain from voting for them because they think they’re all strictly for children and refuse to listen to those who try to explain why their assumptions are wrong. Heck, part of the reason G-rated films are so uncommon is because Hollywood producers/studios feel like they have to slap a PG rating on most animated films just to guarantee them and audience, figuring adults won’t even consider watching anything with a G rating.

    • UltraCremetationOfficial says:

      I’m 11…..

    • TheBigfatsoman says:

      i agree, but people from villages still think cartoons and animations are for kids. well a few of the older ones (early 30s)

  3. Knave says:

    “Sit down I got funny stories”

    Why does it sound so cool and laidback when you say it 😧 ✨😩

  4. ChiBun says:

    “Hello my geeks and peeps my explainers and-
    *Me talking along*: entertainers-
    “Blah blah”
    *Me is shooketh*

  5. Shmable says:

    No mouth
    No eyes
    Almost every animator:
    W H I T E S K I N

  6. D Webb says:

    do you know how much pleasure being called a “corporeal being” gives me *hint: SO MUCH OMG *

  7. The Noteblock Lizard says:

    “Oh, please don’t cry. I’m just a weirdo who spends way too much time in front of a computer screen and doesn’t shower nearly as much as I should.”

    Oh, so very true and utterly relatable XD
    And I love the animation for that part too XD

  8. Sonia’s Way says:

    I remember when Becca was not that big and was a fan of other big animators, her journey has been amazing.
    I feel inspired as a small creator

  9. Gorey Bits says:

    I’ve had people recognize me at Horror movie conventions (sometimes actors from movies I’ve reviewed) and at most just wanted to buy me drinks at the bar. I can’t imagine what I would do in these type of awkward situations. 😱

  10. SprinkleBun 13 says:

    Rebecca: “I promise I won’t *steal your soul* !”
    Me: “I would be honoured for you to steal my soul”

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