Getting to the Point with Senator Elizabeth Warren

Getting to the Point with Senator Elizabeth Warren

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The Institute is proud to have Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) headline its Getting to the Point series. Senator Warren is recognized as one of the nation’s top experts on bankruptcy and the financial pressures facing middle class families. She is widely credited for the original thinking and work that led to the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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10 Responses

  1. Michael Wood says:

    We are making progress in understand. Good job Senator.

  2. Jesus A. Riera Sanchez says:

    Run for President already!

  3. Kimberly Wesley says:

    wow…she is a awesome speaker….some1 cares

  4. James Mitchell says:

    More political rhetoric, zero substance as always. Typical Warren

  5. Pranjal Rawat says:

    I have one question, anybody can answer,

    why don’t people use the term “Black”. Why the shift to “African American”?
    I understand that “Negro” is stigmatising, but “Black” could be an
    assertion of self-worth flying in the face of everyday racism.

    For instance, the about 15% or so of the newly formed Indian post-colonial
    was historically, by ideology and political economy, an “untouchable”.
    Outside most spheres of power they were relegated to cleaning carrion and
    manual scavenging. Gandhi picked up the title “Harijan” for them, which
    meant children of God; but in just 3 decades they rejected this patronising
    title and settled on the term “Dalit” which was used by the militant Dalit
    Panthers (drawing from Black Panthers). Dalit, comes from Dal, i.e a split
    pulse, lentil. It represents a split, crushed, oppressed community who is
    struggling to build an identity, history and find respectable place within
    caste-ridden Hindu society. The official name, govermentalising name, for
    Dalits is “Scheduled Castes”, reminding them of the affirmative action
    ‘scheduled’ for them, but in all non-official circles, activist and
    dissenting national community forums the word is Dalit.

    “African American” cuts off the discourse about global racism. The
    “American” is supposed to give off the respect that every occidental
    Western has, but the African is left to signify some oriental roots.

  6. Patrick Monk says:

    Bernie for President.
    Elizabeth for Leader.

  7. Robbin McFall says:

    God Bless Elizabeth Warren!!

  8. sfdungeon says:

    fantastic! Elizabeth Warren is hope in action.

  9. Ray McKinnon says:

    My goodness. Such an incredible voice. So appreciative of her courage and
    of her tenacious vision for equality!

  10. Noah Wiles says:

    Impressive talk. Will the people and our elected officials take the
    necessary actions spelled out here though? Time will tell.