Ghost In The Shell (2017) – #1 – Paramount Pictures

Ghost In The Shell (2017) – #1 – Paramount Pictures

Ghost in the Shell Movie – coming to theatres March 31, 2017.


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20 Responses

  1. David Curry says:

    Robotto geisha?

  2. DanRyyu says:

    I don’t know how well GitS will even translate to a western film, so much
    of the films and shows are debate, discussion, philosophy and long silent
    bar the score scenes of tracking shots and little else. In Stand Alone
    Complex season 1 a full 24 min episode is just 5 people talking in a chat
    room with only short news clips even approaching drama. In Second gig an
    episode is spent on two guys on a rooftop debating the ethics of the
    actions of the cast and plot. It’s a show, for all its apparent focus on
    action that is as slow boil as it can get, when it DOES fill an episode
    with action, they are usually the weakest. GitS is a slow boil. When the
    action comes, such as the major vs the tank from the first film felt more
    impactful for the time spent building up to it. Action comes at the price
    of world building, and it means more when it arrives.

    This has worked mind, the Matrix for all its fame on action was not afraid
    to have a large amount of the time spent on philosophy, building to its
    action set pieces. It got a…bit ahead of its self in the sequels
    admittedly, but the first film hit the nail that made Ghost so good pretty
    much on the head.

    Tbh, Scarlet Johanson is a good fit for the major (Rinko Kikuchi would have
    been my pic personally) and some of the other cast members are..
    promising. With any hope, they don’t bother trying to beat for beat remake
    any of the shows/films and try and tell their own story using the world and
    style that made Ghost so good in the first place, But with Paramount being
    who they are (i mean the first 2 Star Trek films) I don’t know if we will
    see a 10 min scene of the Major and Batou silently driving through the
    streets of cyberpunk Tokyo while a haunting minimalist score is the only

    Will still probably be better than fucking Arise mind.

  3. AshXXMayftw says:

    I wonder how many people actually know that the extremely entertaining Edge
    of Tomorrow was adapted from the manga All You Need Is Kill. I’m very much
    willing to give this movie a chance to succeed. And no, unlike the
    pettiness I’ve seen throughout last year and this year, I’m not going to
    judge the actors by their skin color, but instead by their performances. If
    Scarlet does a good job portraying The Major, I’ll give her a round of
    applause, and if not, then I’ll move on with my life.

  4. AbsolutePixel says:

    Wow, I gotta give it to Paramount for releasing videos that get’s me
    excited and NOT revealing anything. Maybe because the story is so well
    known but yeah, they will obviously release more trailers that silly
    producers want.

  5. Bruce says:

    Everything they’ve shown so far makes me think this will be mediocre at
    best but goddamn I hope it’s great, more quality cyberpunk the better.

  6. Gamaray Julian says:

    I don’t know what should i feel….

  7. Glenn A says:

    How will hollywood fuck this up I wonder….

  8. Vazdan says:

    1/4th Japanese here. I don’t give a fuck if you’re triggered. I think it
    will do just fine regardless of your whining.

  9. Concept Art & Graphic Design says:

    These teaser is okey but nothig more. I don’t like Scarlet Johansson in
    this movie nad Avengers movie, she look funny when she play action hero…,
    she not have asian face, another hollywood movie making only for money.
    Even Kitano looks stupid. Never watch this. Only Anime.

  10. theodore tait says:

    A good question for you liberals that say this is whitewashed. Is hollywood
    racist for casting Will Smith in so many roles that were white men in the
    books? I am Legend, I am Robot, Wild Wild West, Men In Black, all of them
    originally had white males in their source material. How about the Rock as
    Hercules, Elba as Heimdall? Your excuse will be that it’s fictional right?
    So how about Oenomaus, a real historical person who was a white Gaul,
    played by various black people? Hypocrites, you want to provoke somebody,
    prepare to be provoked.

  11. Sir Sebastian says:

    I just don’t understand why they didn’t get Yoko Kanno to do the music.

    She’s synonymous with GITS and she’s one of the best composers out there.

  12. James M says:

    Scarlett as motoko? no thanks Lucy Liu would be better


    White washing in 2017? No thanks. I’ll just wait for a smaller screen.

  14. lesyayandfilksongs says:

    Ghost In This Hell

  15. dannytheman1313 says:

    why is this broken up into five mini trailers instead of just one trailer?

  16. SH4D0WXR33CONt1 says:

    People mad about whitewashing, when Japan uses Japanese actors for
    characters that are supposed to be white or black in adaptations of their
    own anime, manga and books. They’re also one of the most xenophobic
    countries in the first world, and yes there’s a sizable amount of Japan
    that has an infatuation with the west, but are fairly comparable to

  17. zack ingalls says:

    Filthy Weeaboos

  18. am I too offensive for you? Good! says:

    it was a Japanese anime cartoon when I was a kid I think I still have it on

  19. Chris says:

    I never liked Ghost in the taco shell

  20. kylesplinter1 says:

    Can’t tell nothing with a teaser for a trailer 😛 but that’s the point!
    they get you hyped to watch the trailer