Giant Gator Walks Across Florida Golf Course

Giant Gator Walks Across Florida Golf Course

Talk about a hazard! A giant alligator took a stroll across the fairway, making his way to the lake beside the third hole at Buffalo Creek Golf Club.

Courtesy of Charlie Helms

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20 Responses

  1. HTownsurvivor1 says:

    fake and gay

  2. coolmex20 says:

    should have played the Jurassic Park theme song lol

  3. どいちゃん says:


  4. LENNOZ says:


  5. Nate Spell says:

    Thanks for the commentary, Satan.

  6. Katya Lastovkina says:

    That gator is not even looking around to see if there’s danger. Haha. He’s

  7. Noel Nolazco says:

    look over there thats an aligator one of the most dangerous animal in the
    world….. im going to touch it ..

  8. Nicole Williams says:

    He got huge because of the steady diet of golfers.

  9. Snb Coindesfilos says:

    …Next time, try to put the alligator’s shadow in the correct direction.

  10. KaasKrokerGaming Gaming says:

    It was at the nieuws

  11. Sanaa says:

    why is he just following it like bitch do you wanna get eaten or some shit?

  12. Swooshswish says:


  13. parker albritton says:

    if it were real i would have ran after it!

  14. Doug Robinson says:

    Oh sure, Dave! Use portrait mode!

  15. Mr Neal says:

    call Troy Landry

  16. Jason Haynes says:

    Super fake. Pathetically fake.

  17. Bass Cave Beats says:

    Holy fuck! They seem a little too calm.

  18. Breach Raptor says:

    Holy fucking shit, it’s a dinosaur, Jesus Christ, what the fuck, oh my
    fucking god, fucking dinosaurs, holy shit – what the fuck!

  19. Joe Stakkz says:

    How Fake Is This?

  20. anchorsound2 says:

    Ummm.. so where can I find Dave’s footage, which is obviously closer (maybe