Giant Suez Canal ship freed | DW News

Giant Suez Canal ship freed | DW News

The Ever Given has been freed. The container ship was blocking the Suez Canal for nearly a week, holding up billions in trade. Workers succesfully freed the MV Ever Given, according to the Suez Canal Authority and service provider Leth Agencies. The vessel, which is the size of the Empire State Building in New York, had held up nearly 200 other ships, bringing the world’s most important trade route to a grinding halt.


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49 Responses

  1. Kirky says:

    The colon is no longer constipated, what a relief.

  2. Mzee says:

    Big job to all who put their hands and effort to dislodge the Ever Givern not forgetting the massive tag boats and all the operators of those yellow diggers bravo 👏🏾

  3. Tatalino says:

    Ships that rerouted to cape of good hope: Lmao we’ll pretend its still stuck

    • Edgar Espinoza says:

      Geography wasn’t the strong suit of many here. 😂😂

    • ABC DC says:

      @Madsam 03 As for those few ships that were stuck and turned back they will ofc have escort until in safer waters… Even that theory of yours makes no sense. It’s expensive and hard to escort hundreds of convoys all the time. But one in situation like this is no brainer…

    • ochrechap says:

      I was hoping to see some of the ships passing by Port Elizabeth (less than 700km from Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, in my home country of South Africa). Ships from Europe pass down Africa’s west coast, gets to the southwestern corner of South Africa (Cape of Good Hope), soon pass by Port Elizabeth, then travel further up the west coast of South Africa to Asia. My country was actually discovered by the Portugese as they were the first to travel the route around Africa to Asia (400 years before Suez was built). When they stopped at what is now my home city, they named the bay Bahia de Lagoa, today called Algoa Bay. In this bay there are 6 islands, one of which contains the largest number of African penguins in the world.

      So, that was some detour information, promoting my country.

      All thanx to a ship stuck in Suez.

      But to prove a point: Cape of Good Hope is in South Africa, my home country. I’ve been there several times, so I do know.

      And we are FAR AWAY from Somalia. Lol

      From my home city (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) to Somalia is at least 6600km. This is still further than the distance between Paris (Europe) to New Delhi, India (Asia). Africa is huge! From Paris to Nigeria (Africa), is a shorter distance than from South Africa to Nigeria. Both South Africa and Nigeria are in Africa.

    • Tralfalmador says:


    • Todd Ball says:

      @abc Do you realize they have to travel past pirate waters to get to south Africa?

  4. Frank Rodriguez says:

    Tugboats underrated af

    • Allan Gibson says:

      Unfortunately the Tug boats are much smaller than needed to handle a ship of this size.

    • liquid 877 says:

      @Allan Gibson exactly a tugboat can’t pull a grounded ship, the force required is much much more than pulling capacity of a tugboat.

    • mindcroscope says:

      @ToxicBox Gaming … The full moon’s spring tide (King tide).

    • Allan Gibson says:

      @liquid 877 It is larger because the ships have doubled in displacement over the last five years – and outrun the bollard pull capacity of the tugs. A two hundred ton pull tug (the biggest useable in the Suez) is going to have trouble with two hundred thousand ton ship even if it isn’t grounded.

  5. Rems Elderdragon says:

    “Who’ laughing now!” -saids the small excavator with his tiny voice from day 1


    Two minutes silence for captains of those ships who decided to circumnavigate around the Africa anticipating that it would take several weeks to free the Ever Given.

    • Guillaume Nani says:

      Decisions can only be judged with the information known at the time they were taken, not with the information we now have.

      We need people to take rational decisions, not people who bet everything on a gut feeling or a premonition.

    • dump truckin truth poop says:

      @Muhammad Gamal not true. It was not stuck where there were 2 branches. It’s going to take 10-14 days to clear the backlog

    • Margarita Magdalena says:

      @Aman Singh Smartass

    • Margarita Magdalena says:

      @Guillaume Nani You need to have more sense of humor

  7. Jai Sab. says:

    Free at last! It’s been a fun week indulging in ever given’s memes. See you all in the next trend.

  8. GGGlider says:

    I called Amazon and told them all my packages were late and got the wildest excuse EVER GIVEN.

    • Frances Johnson says:

      Oh just the Best !!! If life gets tough guys we just have to come back here 😄😁😆 Until the next time.

    • Johnny Exama says:

      😂 👏🏾 on that one

    • Gotcha Open 2 says:

      The coming of Jesus Christ is close my brothers and sisters!! Please repent of your sins and ask God for salvation for the time is short 💕😞 we are not perfect which is why we need to seek the lord more than ever!❤️❤️🙏🏼….. God spoke to me through dreams and is waiting that you may come to him!

    • Renata Ostertag says:

      Priceless comment EVER GIVEN !!!!

    • one ten says:


  9. Maurice Fails says:

    Okay, now we are asking an economist why it took so long to get the ship afloat. LOL! Really? “Tune in at 6:00 PM when we have our special guest, a professional hair-stylist, explain the latest weather patterns of the pacific north-west.”

  10. 前人未至之境JTN says:

    Let’s all spare a thought for the little excavator that made freeing this ship 🚢 possible.

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