Giant What’s in the Box!! | Face Edition !

Giant What’s in the Box!! | Face Edition !

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Hey guys! If you were in our position, would you be able to guess whose face is in the box with other Youtubers? What did you think of the variation of our What’s in the Box series? Let us know down below!!

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65 Responses

  1. Aure-Sebaud says:

    Why was the original video removed?

  2. Cynthia Carroll says:

    Ummmmmmmm what this was posted yesterday

  3. Scarlette’s Palace says:

    Omg hi I love your channel so much you inspired me to make my own YouTube channel

  4. GachaGirl1200 Pink says:

    The intro made me laugh so hard XD

  5. Xx Moon xX says:

    Yessss! It’s uploaded again! Yay! Btw my bday is tomorrow so I would love it if u can heart this comments! Love your vids!

  6. Zaib33 GameZ says:

    Ahhhh. I’m early and OG!
    Like if you’re an OG Team Edge fan, let’s see how many Og’s are here!??

  7. Shatha A says:

    To all those people who wish they can be on team edge just know that there is hope in your future and you might even have your own channel someday, I believe in all of you

  8. playergamer10 & knuckles says:

    Who else want the prison escape challenge 3 were bobby and joey go break Bryan out but they all get caught so Mathias will break them all out in part 4

  9. Mckenzie Lette says:

    Yay! I was waiting for this video!!!

  10. Omega - Fortnite Montages says:

    If you found this lost comment, like this comment

  11. dragon mlp lover plus popularmmos says:

    Guess YouTube didn’t like this

  12. Amelia Waddell_JB says:

    Can you guys do a video with Whitney or Sam in it? PLEASE Or do another collab with Megan Batoon? PLEASE

  13. Shadowstriker says:

    Don’t press read more

    You should be more careful. This could have been one of THOSE comments.

  14. Daley Car says:

    The way Sam and Joey hugged!!!

  15. Jimmy Juarez says:

    Real ones saw this when it first came out

  16. ToX1C Clan says:

    Is it only me that thinks Sam and J-Fred are dating??? Look 9:03 at J-Fred’s face when Sam and him hug. Anyone notice that????

  17. DatJohnsterRayBoi says:

    Low key had hope that Matt would be here. I know he’s not with team edge anymore but still…

  18. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Don’t press read more

    You got great luck for 2019! ? Like to activate ☺

  19. Zara I МАSTURBÃTЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! says:

    ?st know that there is hope in your and you?

  20. Mr. Tattoo ASMR says:

    yesterdays post
    makes a return!!!

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