GILBERT ARENAS Hits GAME-WINNER in BIG3 Debut for the Enemies in BIG COMEBACK WIN | CBS Sports

GILBERT ARENAS Hits GAME-WINNER in BIG3 Debut for the Enemies in BIG COMEBACK WIN | CBS Sports

Gilbert Arenas knocked down the walk-off free throw to help the Enemies complete a massive come-from-behind 50-45 victory over Brian Scalabrine’s the Ball Hogs. Craig Smith led the Enemies with 19 points while Royce White chipped in with 10 points.

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81 Responses

  1. dpistons149 says:

    They gotta change that rule. Kinda lame for games to be ending on freethrows.

    • Бранимир Милошевић says:

      What if they went hockey style and made it 4 vs 3 until the next basket is made?

    • Gene Squires says:

      J J you don’t watch because you don’t like that it can end well n free throws??

    • Nick Davis says:

      So what, you want them to be able to foul and foul and foul with no penalty? The other team has nothing to lose when it’s game point. They will just keep fouling

    • David says:

      I think if it’s the last shot it should be from 4 point spot. I mean it’s a FREE shot so shooting from anywhere shouldn’t truly matter for pros

    • Barbara McFadden says:

      Do u play street ball or no?? Sit your ass down STOOOPID.

  2. Player 1 says:

    I realllllly realllllly make this territorial…… Teams consisting of players from a location together……. Cali teams……southern teams….NE teams……

  3. Infinite Flash Chess says:

    I see Arenas is back again taking shots on and off the court.

  4. Ace Boogie says:

    i watched this for a game-winning free throw? REALLY?

  5. drew Mow says:

    Wish it was. More physical and not so many fouls called. Games CAN NOT END ON THE LINE PERIOD

    • John Neino says:

      stupid ass opinion lmao. so just hack them last shot.

    • Goat Man Goat Man says:

      More physical they already old you tryna kill a mf

    • Yo Gee says:

      Prolly same amount of physicality if not a little more, the refs are just a little more hesitant when it comes to the whistle in Big 3.

    • Kyle Watson says:

      This the guy you don’t want guarding you when your playing to 21 and you have 19 you know he’s not going down without a fight ?

    • Arlene Morris says:

      Kyle Watson yo bro I’m from ny n I just want to let you know that I’m fucking CRYING right now ????????????????????????????

  6. Jay R says:

    How many people game here to see Gilbert?

  7. S. Chris T. says:

    I can’t wait to see how “Agent 0” reacts after experiencing his first loss in the BIG3, Cube better have some REAL security, not “Top Flight” security…

  8. MrRamirez ToYou says:

    Royce White does not care about your high fives

    • globalicon2012 says:

      Keith Williams royce is a selloutbitch

    • emanuel martinez says:

      @MackinShizzaveli #WeWasCavemen he suffers from anxiety and a severe fear of flying. Any away game he’s ever traveled to was through team buses or paying his own way by train. If the away city was too far to travel by land he just didn’t go. I don’t think a guy would forfeit millions of dollars a year just for something he “doesn’t like”

    • MackinShizzaveli #WeWasCavemen says:

      emanuel martinez To have anxiety over flying would literally mean he doesn’t like flying or am I missing something? ?

    • Eric Hall says:

      Royce White Got Next!

    • emanuel martinez says:

      @MackinShizzaveli #WeWasCavemen no it’s nowhere near the same. I don’t like seeing blood and wouldn’t want it on me. If I had a fear of blood I would freak out or even pass out at just the sight of it. A phobia by definition is something that is illogical and might not have a trigger that caused the phobia. Not liking something means you can easily point to a reason or experience that lead to that conclusion and possibly get over it. I’m an army vet that suffers from PTSD, one of the symptoms is anxiety. Its not so sever that I can’t deal with large crowds but I’m extremely uncomfortable and highly vigilant around groups of people. When a stranger approaches me to ask a question my first thought isn’t “this person needs information”. My thoughts are “who is this person? are they threat? Does it look like they’re carrying any weapons? Are they alone? Why did they stop to ask me specifically?”. It’s not as easy as you try to make it out to be

  9. Ronald Mack says:

    Monta Ellis , Trevor Booker , Jared Sullinger , Rodney Stuckey (might still be in the NBA) , O.J Mayo , Andray Blatche , Samuel Dalembert , Andrei Kirilenko , Richard Jefferson , Ronny Turiaf, Danny Granger , Tayshaun Prince , John Salmons , Ben Gordon. It’s still player I wanna see hoop. Alexey Shved , Jordan Farmar , hedo Turkoglu ,

  10. Hypotheticals Are Pointless says:

    4:33 left him hanging lmaooo, his yelling didn’t even work.

  11. Emoni Bates says:

    Arenas used to be that boy!

  12. GrayFebruary says:

    Before James Harden, there was Gilbert Arenas.

    • Trip333s says:

      I say this all the time. Same mindset. Gilbert would have Beasted in today’s game

    • Anthony Mercado says:

      GrayFebruary nothing alike harden a way better shooter arenas just a better defender .

    • Ryan SEO says:

      Devonte powell that’s not even what happened and it wasn’t even a real gun. And the dude it was with that guy actually killed someone and is in jail for life.

    • Esteban B says:

      @Kalim Harden’s defense is inconsistent, but his defense has improved. If you were the entire offense, you’d take a few possessions off too

    • Cromartie The MC says:

      Troy Jones nahhhhh

  13. JonasPD says:

    Crazy how Big 3 gets more viewers than WNBA

    • Johnny Moreno says:

      @GamingKnox Vegas especially magic’s son indeed lmao???????

    • Marcus Aurelius says:

      @S&W Perfection you just had to add that “i love women and support their sports”. Cmon bro, stop with the bs. The wnba chicks cant even fill an arena. The NBA is losing huge amounts of money because of this ” professional” league. Imagine if males in the NBA complained about a flight and getting to the arena late and were seriously considering forfeiting the game due to being tired. The most hilarious shit was that WNBA “pro” missing practice dunks all while screaming that they arent paid like the guys are. Well when people start paying to watch them play……..this is all about promoting dykes. Many wnba players have tried to say it and got shut down by the league. The non dykes get ostracized by their teams. Look into it for yourself. Businesses that lose money every year go under quickly, but not this one. I dont care about female sports and dont watch them unless its MMA. Those girls can fight. But lets be honest and stop being fake just so women wont get upset – the McDonald’s boys high school team could smash any WNBA team.

    • S&W Perfection says:

      @Marcus Aurelius Nobody’s being fake dude, there’s nothing wrong with what I said. Players that complain about the stuff you mentioned I’m not a fan of but not every woman is like that. I never watch women’s sports besides tennis when William’s is playing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support some women who play sports in general.

    • Aaron Rainbolt says:

      @GamingKnox Vegas you have literally no proof of your claim that transgender people would change that. Quit perpetuating lies about transgender people.

    • James B says:


  14. Reo DaGreo says:

    Aiight, I’ve concluded that Michael Rappaport and Brian Scalabrine are the same dude. Like Martin and Romey Rome

  15. tishaun james says:

    Brian Schalabrini looks like he could be Michael Rapaports brother lmaoo

  16. Howlin Wolf says:

    Gilbert playing like he tryin get signed back to golden State

  17. C W says:

    We knew Arenas could play, it was his off court shooting that was the problem.

  18. Dee Prits says:

    Qyntell woods just turned 38 years old in February tha muthafucka don’t look a day under 60 wtf?

  19. eyetellyou says:

    Sad that mental health prevented Royce White from playing a full year in the NBA. He’s a big man with amazing ball handling skills.

    • Nick Davis says:

      eyetellyou he isn’t a big man lol. He’s just your typical forward. Wilson Chandler type of player

    • Douglas Bourdett says:

      Nick Davis lmao what? Royce plays way different than Chandler. Wilson works better for today’s NBA though.

  20. O O says:

    I didn’t think he was serious about doing this. I hope Swaggy P joins soon

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