Girl Reads With Kitten on Her Head | Studious Like a Cat

Girl Reads With Kitten on Her Head | Studious Like a Cat

Everyone needs a good study buddy! Is it easier or harder to keep reading your book with an adorable kitten on top of your head?

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20 Responses

  1. TomorrowIs2LATE says:

    Awww, so sweet and cute kitty,hehehe (^,^)(^^,) (*_*) (^_^) (*;*) (‘;’)
    (”,) (^_~) (^-^)

  2. TomorrowIs2LATE says:


  3. Vienna chicata says:

    Awwww ??

  4. zachary johnson says:

    Aw that is very very cute

  5. VelvetGal5 says:

    That gal has a sweet & cute kitty. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming

  6. fun911s says:

    Girl Reads With Kitten on Her Head | Studious Like a Cat

  7. Be YOUnique says:

    I thought it was fake

  8. Emma Astbury says:

    too cute

  9. Chuck Turner says:

    Kitten Hat is about to become latest fad.

    • underorangestarxs says:

      It’s should be one. It’s so cute! Pretty sure all those anime/cosplay girls
      will be all over this.

  10. Neko Kyuubi says:

    OMG! This is my dream in life!!!!

  11. tootz1950 says:

    Good winter wear.

  12. TonyAM says:

    I can tell that the girl and her kitten are the best of friends. So cute.
    Such a cute kitten.

  13. Laura me says:

    finally! the good side of YouTube. im proud of you ppl its the first video
    i saw that has no bad comments like “faggot, nerd” stuff like that! :)

  14. manish kumar says:

    ISIS is planning to use kittens in suicide bombing as they are ” better
    return on investment” for their 9 lives. 

  15. カエル says:

    If this were china, them chinese would eat that cat

  16. Amberflame 805 says:

    Cute overload 

  17. Nanners says:

    Kill it.

  18. Jacks Apple says:

    staged and non authentic