Girls Can’t Take a Hint!

Girls Can’t Take a Hint!

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Behind the Scenes!
Produced by Wong Fu Productions
Written & Directed by Taylor Chan

Jordan Farris
Taylor Chan
Melissa Rodriguez
Grace Park
Ashley Matsunami
Amber Glancy

Director of Photography
Christopher Yang

Produced by
Ashley Matsunami

Assistant Director
Benson Quach

Edited by Taylor Chan
Sound Recordist Philip Wang
BTS Videography Wesley Chan

Social Media Jennifer Le
Production Assistant Samantha Tien

Mike Bow
Samantha Tien
Taylor Roszkos
Trevor Roszkos
Jun Sung Ahn
Caroline Seo
Sophia Chang
Jay Lee
Andrew Yi
Elyse Yun
Andrew Moon
Elizabeth Yun
Ashley Wong

Special Thanks
Eric Wang
Caroline Seon
Jun Sung Ahn
Jennifer Chan
Victoria Park
Yoshi Sudarso
Harry Shum Jr.
Boba Time Cafe




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20 Responses

  1. DemonofChaos264 says:

    Awesome, one I can watch without YouTube red.

  2. RJ and PAULA says:

    I always love the short clips you guys make. Thank you Wong fu! Also, Have
    a great day everyone!

  3. DriftsDavid says:

    if y’all ever want to add a black actor to your skit, im available!

  4. Paine Yang says:

    That white guy looks like that white guy who play the Flash in the Flash tv

  5. Domokhunie says:

    Does anyone think that Jordan (‘Mark’) kinda looks like Grant Gust? o_o

  6. Clay RedEye says:

    I’m sorry I’m unsubing I think you make great content but it’s not really
    my style, goodbye everyone hope you have a good day.

  7. flamingsasuke says:

    I love the short LOL. But the part where Grace pays for the meal confuses
    me lol. I get that she isn’t having fun but why is she so insistent on
    paying for it instead of splitting the bill?

  8. Abraham Figueroa says:

    holy crap this channel is biased towards females lol such trash

  9. Anna Konda says:

    As a woman I feel this video is so true. Happened to me so often.
    And when I told the guys that I am not interested in a romantic way (I even
    had a relationship), I got one of the following reactions:
    a) “I don’t mean it like that, really” (And then two days after my break up
    this guy confessed to me and talking about moving in with me while I was
    just moving out after 5 years relationship.)
    b) “You are ungrateful, after everything I did for you!” (That guy meant
    some help at work.)
    c) “shhhhhhhh, don’t worry. Just promise me, to let it happen, if you get
    feelings for me” (So he was basically already ignoring my feelings at that
    moment. Great start, hum?)

    So this is, why I don’t directly speak my mind if a guy isn’t being honest
    and direct.

  10. AceOfROMs says:

    Just assume no one does or ever will like you. Problem solved!

  11. DuhAznDude96 says:

    Yo, why is Ashley so bae?

  12. HH Kim says:

    that korean snack in the back of the cafe :p 양파링♡

  13. MintPLayz says:

    whats the edit at 3:38 how it shows the instagram page thingy?

  14. tomvri - says:

    can someone tell me how do you do the texting effect? i need an effect like
    that for my history subject please ;~;

  15. BlackKidWithTheGlasses says:

    truly I’d rather be told that someone doesn’t like me then go through all
    that bullshit. :^/

  16. Anturija says:

    this was a good one 😀 lol

  17. yammy chan says:

    do a short about when you let someone you’re plan B :)

  18. Golgiapparatus2 says:

    Hey, I’ve got a fantastic idea: why don’t we stop with hints completely?

  19. DarkDrift0r says:

    My goodness… is this true?! -hahaha

  20. simplychillinnn says:

    Love how you guys always try to show everyone’s perspective.