Give her an egg?! YES!

Give her an egg?! YES!

16 month old girl cracking an egg better than most adults.

We were playing with our daughter in the kitchen and decided to give her an egg, fully expecting to have a mess to clean up. She never ceases to amaze.

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19 Responses

  1. alphabetsoup342 says:

    I do that every morning, sometimes twice. Big deal, its not that hard.

  2. Matthew Szubelak says:

    She did better than most adults.

  3. Adam East says:

    all yolk. you should teach your kid about healthy living. #cholesterol

  4. GGavin6 says:

    If you show more content with your child I will continue to be subbed, I
    loved this.

  5. Some Cat On Youtube says:

    better than most adults who are under the influence of drugs perhaps…..

  6. Frommerman says:

    Everything went better than expected…

  7. loutiscrive says:

    cute :)

  8. Jodie Kean says:

    Best chocolate chip cookies ever.

  9. tylerg2002 says:

    Fact: This is the only vertically filmed video I’ve ever given a thumbs up.

  10. straightrock says:

    Please teach your daughter to make nourishing foods! Chocolate chip cookies
    filled with sugar, carbs, and CAFO eggs is not what she needs to fuel her
    growing body…

  11. Yulan Ottenfwicke says:

    If another vid pos up of this kid pulling a souffle out of the oven I’ll
    make a reservation at the restaurant for New Year’sEve 2029.

  12. skudzer1985 says:

    Where’s Berta?

  13. PEKKA LEHTINEN says:

    15 månader o fixar ägg o sockerkakan
    Hälsningar Pekka

  14. Giang Nguyễn Duy says:

    Better than me =)). I’ve to need a knife. :((

  15. Paul Nesbitt says:

    Great video, thanks from Canada

  16. Fihdi says:

    As a mod of /r/cooking I rate this;
    12/10 Worst video in existence.

  17. Chrisander1606 says:

    Quit acting so amazed internet. Of course she cracked an egg perfectly.
    It’s hardwired into all female DNA to be in the kitchen.

  18. RASHAD GUPTAR says:

    Typical American. Fucking idiot 

  19. Thot says:

    I can’t even do this…and I’m old enough to drive