Goat dressed up as Elsa !

Goat dressed up as Elsa !

” I’m Elsa and I command this snow to go away …. now! ” -Peppa Lass. (sorry Peppa Lass , it didn’t work ! ) Peppa Lass dresses up as Elsa from Frozen. For daily photos and more videos of Peppa Lass and our other pets, please check out our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/denmans.critters

Peppa Lass really amazes us with how photogenic she is ,and she actually poses for the camera. And it only takes seconds to put outfits on her, I just scoop her up and dress her. She loves manna pro licorice treats and expects to be “paid” before , during, and after photo shoots.Out of all the 8 years of having goats ,we have never had a goat that loved the camera and to be dressed up like Peppa Lass does! The only thing she doesn’t like is her new “baby sister”, a muntjac deer that she can’t stand sharing the spotlight with. She didn’t like the snow but now she is getting more use to it. If you go through our youtube channel , you will see all the videos of her dressed up and also videos of her and the deer ,Liddy Bug.

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20 Responses

  1. Sky Goat Demon says:

    This is WAY more better than frozen!

  2. Little John says:

    elsa is white. Just saying…

  3. Rak Hit says:

    Our species is doomed. 

  4. Mary Klein says:

    Really felt this on a spiritual level

  5. Steadystrike says:

    Certain people are pissed off not because a goat was dressed up as Elsa but
    because this Elsa was not white.

  6. catalot says:

    LOL! I just love it that people do these things!

  7. Candy Steph says:

    Elsa never looked so stunning

  8. Joe Rogan says:

    Nicki Minaj

  9. andruktn says:

    Might fuck around and be a goat named Felicia

  10. Derek Glantz says:

    ISIS members are drooling right now

  11. bustedprius says:

    Vote yes on proposition 69: human-farm animal marriage

  12. Sammy Georgioudakis says:

    Like if u are watching In 2015!!!!!

  13. Sammy Georgioudakis says:


  14. W. Solis says:

    Ugly ass goat!”

  15. The Bear! says:

    One MILLION times yes.

  16. Lauren Frank says:

    Let it goat! Let it goat!

  17. Starlight Sparkle says:

    Let it goat let it goat can’t goat it back anymore!

  18. Vince Beltran says:

    Goat: RAHH!!! …. RAHHH RAHHH!!!

    Everyone: 10/10 sounds MUCH better than elsa!!!

    Goat: RAHHHHH!!! *looks for a new patch of grass*

  19. Matthew Smith says:

    You should have used a white goat

  20. Rob N says:

    Notice the wink 11 seconds in. So adorable!