Goat MMO Simulator – Official Trailer (Patch 1.2)

Goat MMO Simulator is a free expansion for Goat Simulator. It will be released as a free DLC on Steam on Thursday 20th November 2014.

If you want to buy Goat Simulator solely for this expansion, please check out some reviews/gameplay videos of the expansion first!

We’re on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/GoatSimulator

Also twitter: https://twitter.com/Coffee_Stain

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20 Responses

  1. Jan Borowski says:

    So that’s how you make a mmo.

  2. JoeMotionPicture says:

    login queue time – medium. its the small things that matter :D

  3. Denis Batalenko says:

    Я думал что дальше уже некуда, ан нет! :)

  4. turd sandwich says:

    so much yes

  5. setsukiFR says:

    THANKS !!!

  6. kumaESP says:

    how something can be so epic.
    this game have the same bugs os AAA titles, like AC.

  7. Antonio Molon says:

    Like Skyrim with goats Machinima

    12/10 -IGN

  8. nytek9 says:


  9. Kind Anon says:

    Mfw i have goat simulator already

  10. Sean Donovan says:


  11. hameed says:

    reddit is here!!! we can’t way to make many memes out of this game! Wow,
    such goats, many fun, much players.

  12. Akriloth2150 says:

    “Yarn Art Style”

    Oho, I see what you did there!

  13. Alguien Pavon says:


  14. Alecs Acsinia says:

    I fainted while watching this.

  15. LarriusYJ says:

    Lost my shit after a violent nerdgasm… I’m pretty sure I speak for many
    people down here.

  16. Oskar Karlson says:


  17. isOceans says:

    I love you guys, best devs along side CDProjektRed, 9 dollar game that gets
    massive updates for free <3

  18. Jean Gionet says:

    this is EPIC!

  19. TheTopHatter says:

    God help us all…

  20. Mrchivo33 says:

    “a hallmark of human history” 9/10 IGN