Goldberg returns to battle Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

Goldberg returns to battle Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

The landscape of SummerSlam changes during “Miz TV,” as WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg returns and sets his sights on The Showoff at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

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57 Responses

  1. Andrew Skinner says:

    “The Indomitable Goldberg”? Michael Cole can make anyone sound lame…

  2. Nabiela Farhan says:

    Man, it would be cool if shawn vs dolph.. Having a good match, not a squash by goldberg

    • Abhicena Abhi says:

      Yeah… Like both delivering super kicks after super kicks.

    • Athif Khan says:

      HBK is probably not in his best shape for a full out match. And i dont think he is working his way to attain that shape

    • Gage Taylor says:

      @Sesiom It would still be 10x better than what were getting. Even an old shawn michaels has more moves and ring ability than goldberg who’s still in good shape.

  3. Caesar Ganang says:

    First: Joe helps romans
    Second: Goldberg Vs Dolph Ziggler
    Third: John Cena at Fast Furious replacing The Rock
    Fourth: Hornswaggle vs Braun Strowman?

  4. Luis Rodríguez says:

    Goldberg, please don’t slam your head and get concussed yourself before the match.

    • mikey1974 hetfield says:

      Taker botched and dropped Bill on his head. Taker dropped the ball. Retire it’s time

    • TMC55 says:

      @mikey1974 hetfield but Goldberg was concussed and I’m pretty sure he was dead weighing when taker lifted him up because of it. It could’ve gone better. I mean taker picked up Brock and tombstoned him with no issues at all.

    • Aiden Lowe says:

      Subscribe to me or u will have bad luck for ever

  5. Deron Kiel says:

    This is gonna be the quickest match in SummerSlam history one spear one jackhammer 1. 2. 3. You’re winner Goldberg

  6. Elna Alexis says:

    we miss u sooooooo much Goldberg welcome back to ur destiny to smash and crush dolph ziggler

  7. Harry Johnson says:

    Goldberg is gonna destroy DZ in 30 seconds or less. GUARANTEED.

  8. Pritam Yadav says:

    Dolph ziggler you are next ……??

    Because wwe legend bill goldberg is back …….???

  9. Maucham Talukdar says:

    Goldberg– Son, you’re next
    Dolph– It shouldn’t have been me

  10. Dustin Johnson says:

    That match will suck spear jackhammer 123 Goldberg wins

  11. Yagiansh Sharma says:

    Fans:- we want the brawls like old times

    WWE:- Goldberg! Goldberg ! Goldberg.

  12. Susan Harastas says:

    I´m very happy with this decision.
    Good job WWE.

    • Krisnarefa Agusta says:

      Yeah, and it’s official, it’s gonna be Dolph Ziggler, going one-on-one with the greatest champion in WCW history Goldberg at SummerSlam, we cannot wait to see them.

  13. Imhotep says:

    4:18 Did Goldberg just say Dopp Zigger ??? Just being honest it was kind of weird to listen 😛

  14. Alex Bahena says:

    If Ziggler has been booked to lose, he should oversell everything just like Shawn Michaels did when he faced Hogan in 2005

  15. Themrmigue says:

    Such a short and powerful promo.
    Riddle should be next tho..

  16. Brandon Lee Troche says:

    Tbh this better then watching a 20 min match with miz vs ziggler u gotta think this ppv is possibly 6 to 7 hours

  17. Bill Blass says:

    WWE: *puts Goldberg in title*
    *Gets a million views*

  18. Adolfo Coy says:

    “Lost your smile” – Micheal first retirement

    “You lost your balls” – when Miz beat Cena but The Rock stole the show

    • RAM says:

      Did the Rock steal the show? I mean 27 was a pretty dire mania but was it so bad that a dude who didn’t even have a match was the best part of it?

    • Diggy digz says:

      He’s the heel mic worker in the game I’d love him to be champ he has everything ?

  19. Holly says:

    The reactions of Miz & Shawn Michael’s when they played Goldberg’s intro are just ?

  20. The Wandering Soul says:

    This is why you should read every contract before signing over it

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