Golden Globes 2018: The Most Memorable Moments | THR News

Golden Globes 2018: The Most Memorable Moments | THR News

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The 2018 Golden Globes has come to an end and The Hollywood Reporter has the most memorable moments of the night!

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67 Responses

  1. FLOWERS says:

    The Golden Globes needd more people of colour.

    • Fox Hendrix says:

      FLOWERS No. It needs more individuals who are prestigious actors/directors who are not full of PC and SJW bullshit. It’s puerile and insulting to nominate someone according to their sex or race. Do you thinking pushing a political agenda to achieve what is not deserved is morally righteous?

  2. Perennial Stoic says:

    I guess this means that the best directors this year just happened to be men.

  3. David Smith says:

    They will never Understand We the People.

  4. itsthehouse! says:

    Snub city. Enlighten me on how Columbus, blade runner 2049 , and brawl in cell block 99 had no nominations or wins? Lol all the awards were for the same 4-5 movies and tv shows. Golden globes are a joke. and lady bird/ this is us are overrated to the gills.

  5. Lemmy Anedda says:

    There should’ve been Ricky Gervais presenting the show

  6. Nullveer says:

    Everything is so political now lol, can’t we just enjoy film without all the PC bullshit

    • HindsightPOV says:

      Considering so many in the film industry were called out for their sexual misconduct the past several months, this was the perfect venue to talk about it instead of sweeping it under the carpet.

    • Karrie Ruch says:

      agree, why can’t they just accept, be grateful and move on.

    • Jose Villasenor says:

      Oprah SAID on camera White people….They just have to die. Wow! Real presidential material. Sounds more like a totalitarian dictator to me.. Child predators in Hollywood

    • Mr Otaku says:

      Tucker Ecke
      The point he is making here is that award shows getting political only makes things more polarising for what is supposed to be entertainment. Even though it was kind of justified with the recent sexual harassment stuff.

    • Mr Otaku says:

      Ben Storri
      Uhhhh, have you got any proof to show how people against award shows and Hollywood going overly political was the reason that weinstein was able to get away with what he did?

  7. Cory Dupont says:

    What a bunch of sycophantic, self-righteous, and self-congratulatory vampires!  These award shows get more and more political each year, and the people who produce them fail to see that doing this alienates a large swath of the everyday American public.  This is why cinema attendance is down, and more people are watching less television.  These actors and their overblown sense of self-importance has to represent everything that the Ancients warned us about when they were trying to explain the baser elements of our nature.  I mean, this whole show could have been billed as Democratic Party National Convention 2.0, replete with all of the scapegoating, victimization, and phony virtue signaling now characteristic of American liberalism.  

    The whole affair was a sickening display of saving face for people like Oprah and Meryl Streep, both of whom were very friendly with the likes of Harvey Weinstein, and by virtue of their high status in the business were very likely in the ‘know’ regarding his misdeeds, but having never done a damned thing to bring them to light.

    The men at this event were a real treat, too.  James Franco is notorious for being a major pervert, yet here he is, stoically nodding his head in virtuous affirmation of Oprah’s belch.  And, of course, such an event wouldn’t be complete without the Hollywood soy boys and beta males, like Seth Meyers and Stedman, Oprah’s live-in man servant.      

    Oh, and Natalie Portman, perhaps there were no female nominees for best director because, well, there were no particularly phenomenal films directed by women this year.  Just a thought.  I mean, what, are these award shows now supposed to engage in some sort of gender affirmative action?  Oh, sorry, did I say ‘gender?’  I forgot that this is just a ‘social construct,’ and is indicative of nothing concrete actually.       

     Also, Oprah, there is no such thing as ‘your truth.’  There is the truth, and there is your opinion.  ‘Truth,’ by virtue of its very definition, is exclusive and absolute, while one’s opinion is purely subjective.  Take a Philosophy class, instead of reading those sappy, solipsistic Eckhart Tolle books.  Harvey Weinstein’s ‘truth’ was that he liked to take advantage of and abuse women, so who are you to tell him his ‘truth’ wasn’t right for him?  Isn’t that just, like, your opinion?  Oprah, you’re a dithering idiot.

    Seriously, folks, don’t watch their movies or their television shows anymore.  It only seems to encourage the vampiric bastards.

    • Cory Dupont says:

      You’re over-analyzing an argument that I never made.  Do you know how to read?  My response to Oprah’s comment about truth, which she subjectivizes by conflating ‘truth’ with one’s own personal opinion, is the very opposite of the definition of truth.  Like I said, again, there is the truth and then there is one’s own opinion.  There is no such thing as one’s ‘own truth.’  That she said this, though, and more, that she believes one could have ‘their own truth’, is characteristic of the gnostic worldview she clings to, and which she largely if not exclusively made her personal faith of choice by obsessing over the work of pseudo-philosopher and new age guru/conman, Eckhart Tolle.  Its a form of self-affirming easy believerism that masks itself as spirituality when, in fact, its just the psychology of making oneself the center of the universe.  Like Oprah herself, its a worldview that is full of shit, although it is perfectly tailored toward the Hollywood crowd because such a worldview will never ask them to be anything other than the morally challenged, elitist sycophants, who think more of themselves than is actually true.  A pox on all of their houses!

    • Tee9396 says:

      Cory Dupont That’s accurate and I misunderstood your argument. We were having two different arguments and you’re right- someone’s personal opinion should not be considered the truth. However, also that doesn’t means we should automatically throw aside an opinion or new method of thinking because of its source. I personally think- now this is opinion to be perfectly fair- that it was an unfair accusation to accuse what Oprah is saying as a blatant and purposeful lie. Her message is worth hearing, even if her wording is flawed.

      EDIT: Oh, and it’s a PLAGUE. That alone makes your entire argument invalid! *cue arrogant hair flip and snort*

    • Sunce Mostar says:

      This whole thing to me looks like the medieval witch-hunt.

    • Jason H says:

      Hey Corey, you do you and I’ll do me, fair enough?

  8. Charlie Cantrell says:

    I liked the feminism theme of the show, but I thought the “all male directors” part wasn’t kind… When Natalie said that, it made it look like Guillermo, Nolan, Spielberg were part of the whole problem with Hollywood.. Guillermo worked for like 25 years on his movie, and to belittle him like that in the moment of celebrating his accomplishment was kinda a dick move. Guillermo is like one of the nicest people in the world and didn’t deserve that hate..

    • Shadow Cat says:

      Charlie Cantrell I’m with you on that

    • Jose Villasenor says:

      Racist Oprah SAID on camera White people….They just have to die. Wow! Real presidential material. Sounds more like a totalitarian dictator to me

    • personaltraining kenya drazor says:

      Everything is always ok and lovely until blacks choose to talk about oppression and exclusion then it is not so lovely. Remember how the oscars were hushed.

    • Jose Villasenor says:

      Jewish child predators in Hollywood are well KNOWN by 100% of actors and they stayed stay silent…

  9. Sunce Mostar says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing that sexual abusement etc.. there are courts to determine whether these men are guilty or not. Why ruin people’s careers and movies and series..based on some accusations..prove them first and do it on court..not tabloids!

    • Fidoh Official says:

      Sunce Mostar if someone does something horrible, such as sexual assault/harassment, they deserve to be effected in a negative manner. Actresses and actors have a major platform to spread awareness about this and they should be allowed to use said platform to speak about the situation.

    • Sunce Mostar says:

      Fidoh Official what happened to the major principle in Law “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.” I agree that they should be brought to justice. But be aware that half of these accusations could be false. And it is annoying that they only talk about that here. It just is too much. And frankly it begins to look like the medieval Witchhunt where anyone can be accused of being a witch and just persecuted by a mad crowd. I still think that the court should deal with this and then the consequences..

    • Jose Gil says:


    • crookback says:

      It’s so bullshit how America is

    • Bethany S says:

      You know you’re ignorant when you use the word “abusement”. Please understand that you don’t understand 10% of the harassment that undeserving women undergo, and please understand hat these are the most influencing people in America trying to take a stand for equality, which is exactly what we as a broken society need. We need to move forward and fix what’s broken.

  10. The America You Dont Know says:

    Speaking of Tools Oprah…You are a big one

  11. Vishal Venkat says:

    What is Oprah’s role in the world? Like what’s her job other than coming in movies every now and then? And why is she idolized?

    • onur ciftci says:

      ShaneCooley, Oprah is a great role model who is still not being received as a role model…

    • DeadBunny69 says:

      Women apparently think she’s God. They act like fucking hysterical zealots every time she speaks. But one only has to remember that these are the same women who also made talentless cunts like the Kardashians rich and famous therefore their endorsement of anything is highly suspect.

    • Cory Dupont says:

      What does that have to do with movies, though?  I mean, wow, she made her mark as a reasonably gifted actress in a couple of otherwise forgettable films, and has produced a few forgettable films herself.  That she had a successful talk show, and is herself a successful and well-to-do publisher is rather irrelevant when considering the criteria for receiving the honor of the Cecil B. DeMille award.  I’m sorry, but this was a political move by the Golden Globes and Hollywood.  They needed a sacred cow to push their feminist agenda, and who is better suited to the task than Oprah?  It was a farce, and an insult to the history of great filmmakers and great filmmaking.

  12. CoolStoryBroWhoCares says:

    When Amy Poehler mentioned mansplaining I knew this shit would be bad

    • Cory Dupont says:

      Yup.  It wasn’t even funny.  It was nauseating, in fact.

    • Kyle Mylo says:

      That’s feminism for you. portray themselves as “the movement for equality” yet create sexist anti-male rhetoric like mansplaining, manspreading, manterrupting.
      Imagine a male actor go on stage and tell women “stop womansplaining”. He would get crucified with sexism allegations

    • Cory Dupont says:

      Exactly!  The majority of the women at this event are the scum of the earth.

  13. RedLightning17 says:

    This was the best awards show collectively in a long time

  14. sal d says:

    Last year will smith’s wife said there were no black directors at the academy awards now this year there arent any women…every year its a war against some race or gender. Cant they just keep politics out and just make a fun show?

  15. The Hylian Policy says:

    I’m just so sick of seeing politics EVERYWHERE. Holy cow, it’s an awards show for crying out loud! Don’t even get me started on the straight-up feminism in the event… Really? “Men do this, men do that! Oh but women? They wouldn’t hurt a fly!” Get out of here.

    • Kyle Mylo says:

      They made it seem as if only women could ever be victims of sexual harassment, when there have been numerous male victims in this whole metoo shit since it started, from both male and female perpetrators, not only Kevin Spacey.
      But feminism “is about equality” . bullshit

  16. Capt.Random says:

    Just like blm movement when they bitched about no black ppl being nominated give it a few months no-one will care

  17. Why Me? says:

    Bottom line: no one has any class anymore, especially Hollywood

  18. sandy savelli says:

    i speak the truth……………democrates like killing babies………..planned parent hood……….very sick.

  19. Den A says:

    This is why trump won.

  20. WhatMichelleLikes101 says:

    Whats so political about sexual abuse? … its a crime..

    • Kyle Mylo says:

      Facts and reason don’t matter. Portraying themselves as victims does.

    • WhatMichelleLikes101 says:

      Kyle Mylo still not understanding how your reply answered my question. Everyone in the comments are like “ohmygosh, the Golden Globes are sooo political nowadays” and im like wtf does people standing up against sexual abuse have to do with politics? Its a CRIMEEEEE

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