Golden Retriever Puppy (Jack) Playing in the Rain for the First Time

Golden Retriever Puppy (Jack) Playing in the Rain for the First Time

Dog loves the water. Couldn’t understand how it was coming from the sky.
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14 Responses

  1. Brian Marbach says:

    Cute video Brandon!

  2. block1 says:

    ayy lmao

  3. XxxTactic27xxX says:


  4. Jimmie Rustler says:

    How has that dog not seen rain at any point in It’s life, do you live in
    California or something?

  5. 1718Neod says:

    Is that really a puppy? It looks really big.

  6. Please Ban Me says:

    Dogs are dumbb xD lol

  7. NONO says:


  8. beachbummm69 says:

    he will be trippin balls when he plays in the snow

  9. Leon Li says:

    Searle would attribute intentionality to the dog

  10. Karagounis Z says:

    Imagine if dogs were watching us right now on a screen somewhere saying:
    “Look at the ignorant little humans. Aren’t they so cute? We have to
    remeber to castrate them this weekend”

  11. Dr. Greenfishie says:

    After that the dog grew wings and flew off into space, going to the planet,
    “woof”. The dog got their in a year, and was with millions of dogs. Then,
    the evil cat lord, King Whiskers, meowed and all the dogs got trapped in a
    box. But then, Jack broke out of the box because of his cuteness. He then
    went and saved all of the puppy’s, and battled King Whiskers. Jack ended up
    winning, a rainbow appeared, and everyone was happy.