Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19.
Live 3/19 at 10AM PDT.
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93 Responses

  1. moonman9j9 says:

    The problem here is that no one has any confidence Google will stick with this if it’s not immediately a smash hit. They abandon everything.

    • Hortaun says:

      +Dope Pope // StevenShotMe what alpha testing?

    • Dope Pope // StevenShotMe says:

      +Hortaun Project Stream by Google. Got to test their platform out with Assassins Creed Odyssey.

    • TheDuckClock says:

      They have a first party development team. I highly doubt they’ll “Abandon Everything” if its not an immediate smash hit.

    • Henry Rev says:

      That’s true but I have hope that Google will follow through. We’ll see.

    • Holy Light says:

      I think Google can use other fields from the gaming cloud environment even if failed. Or, this might be the bridge for Google to leap for the much more bigger one.

  2. Mondo The Grunt says:

    Doom always finds a way to run on anything

  3. Spiderman Toys VS says:

    better than rewind

  4. ShudoukenTV says:

    4k @ 60fps
    How fast of a connection do you need for this?

  5. Mikael Granqvist says:

    It starts at 16:30

  6. Karlyr says:

    “Gaming has always been the backbone of Youtube”.
    MatPat : Gaming Creators can’t be anything more than mid tiers influencers.
    “Welcome on stage MatPat”
    Wut ?!

  7. slakker321 says:

    As “revolutionary” as this might be, streaming content has never been my thing. Much rather just own the game itself and play it offline and online when I need to.

    • MartijnXD says:

      +Tappxxor Are you calling this much more open? If that’s the case, I strongly disagree. No modding, no offline use, etc. That’s as closed as it can get. And it’s only “much more powerful” if your internet connection is extremely fast and powerful.

    • Tappxxor says:

      +MartijnXD 10 teraflops isn’t affected by your connection. yes it’s more open than streaming on xbox and ps4. how do you want to play offline with a controler, it would be much more expensive anyway

    • BobVa says:

      Is fine, this is not for you and those wants to .. own the game itself. This is the future guys! Relax! Those who will .. born with this kind of tech, will say about you “Oh, that poor people back in the days, having to install and download every game they want! That’s so borning & sooo old school”.

    • Yego says:

      And data caps by ISPs doesn’t help either, playing the Odyssey Stream Project I went over my limit by 300gb.

    • FalconGamer58 says:

      +Moonfall777 my router goes offline for no reason sometimes, and it would be a big-@$$ bummer to wait for the router to reconnect

  8. stuntaneous says:

    “No cheating”
    “No hacking”
    No modding
    No preservation
    More exclusivity

  9. zazismrx says:

    Always online, don’t actually own the game I buy and latency issues. Yeah, sounds great.

    • Antimatter30 says:

      +The Eclectic Dyslexic Yet you still can play them offline, so stupid argument

    • The Eclectic Dyslexic says:

      +Antimatter30 is it? what happens when steam decides your favourite game is not part of their catalog anymore and don’t want to provide it to you anymore? how do you plan to play it when you don’t have the game files on your new computer a decade from now?

    • Bake 1986 says:

      You don’t own the game on console either, you own the license.

    • Every Last Coin says:

      I know it’s off topic but I like your profile picture.

    • 1804nr says:

      Yeah, the only upside to this is that you don’t have to upgrade hardware to play the latest games at max graphics. It’s all rendered on a remote machine and streamed to you. The latency on the other hand I’m not too sure about. People working on Project Stream may have figured out something. Who knows…

  10. LuckyHit says:

    Stadia: “Imagine the endless breathing down your neck”

  11. SenoreQueso says:

    32:57 – my thoughts on what streaming games is gonna look like

  12. Martek Bemiarz says:

    so I can play Doom on my fridge?

  13. crazy world says:

    Gmail latest version is still loading and now stadia enters into the game. lol

  14. Lyndon Gray says:

    How the hell did Matpat manage to worm his way into this

  15. Artemiy Brukhno says:

    Can’t wait for the $50 dollars a month we are going to have to pay to be able to access this..

    • TheDuckClock says:

      It’s extremely unlikely it’ll cost THAT much.

    • Jordan M says:

      Plus the rocket fast internet per month you will need to play this

    • madartist2670 says:

      well for clod gaming services right now, that is that case because of the huge upfront cost of building these servers around the country. However for google, that cost would mean almost nothing, so i could see them taking the upfront cost and planning to make revenue in the lkong run by taking a cut of game sales similar to steam.

    • Etcg fedi says:

      Looking at 30 or + $ per month for sure

    • Filip Gabriel says:

      Depending on how much you play and how many games are available, 50$ is cheap af. You could play the games on your phone, tablet or laptop as long as you have a decent internet connection

  16. Artemiy Brukhno says:

    Sorry Google, I’m gonna stick with the dinosaur game

  17. Adeeb Taja says:

    March 2020:
    “Google is shutting down Stadia”

  18. Ashek says:

    32:57 “At launch…” and the video glitches start. Perfect timing XD

  19. Hidan T says:

    Streaming? My step dad was right. Everything is moving towards a subscription service. Pay to Live.

    • Hidan T says:

      >buying a console to stream a game you already own at lower quality.

    • Ultrasonic SoL says:

      +Jigo is it really? Like, if we’re talking PC that just isn’t true. With steam sales and everything else. Not to mention a ps4 now a days you can buy for 200 dollars. And if you aren’t buying that many games in a year, because let’s be honest, now a days we only wait for like, 2-3 games we like to be released every year and a half or so, then buy those. Add that up in the *first* year of buying a console and that’s what? Maybe 380 dollars? Maybe an extra 40-50$ For online? But then after that, if you’re a sensible human being, you shouldn’t really be spending anymore than maybe 120-160 a year on gaming. Not to mention I actually own the games I buy and can play them whenever I want, internet or not. Now on the other hand we have the stadia or whatever, which is gonna be a subscription service, and is in the long run going to cost way more than a console or PC would.

    • John Mendoza says:

      Yes and next your money all digital.

    • Logbia7k says:

      Very true. People even have subscribtion services on couches and beds these days. It’s crazy.

    • John Mendoza says:

      Logbia7k hehe

  20. MeadowSin says:

    Everyone: Wow this is an amazing concept but it’s probably gonna fail

    Me: oh cool, they put the konami code on the back of the controller

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