GoPro Falls Off Drone Into Burning Man Dance Floor

GoPro Falls Off Drone Into Burning Man Dance Floor

GoPro camera falls off a drone flying over Burning Man festival and lands in a pumping dance floor!
Amazingly the camera got handed in to lost and found, and this is what was on it! How good is that!

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20 Responses

  1. RoboTekno says:

    “Thunder DOME!”

  2. mcdoublemaster1 says:

    Fake and gay™

  3. Neil Lobaton says:

    You can’t fake a hawk smacking into the drone.

    • FrancoJennings says:

      That’s the underside of the propeller arm not a bird.

    • flodderr says:

      +BarryDennen12 and then it dropped exactly where he wanted it, and exactly
      his friends picked it up. yea sure. its easy -.-

    • BarryDennen12 says:

      not saying it’s fake, but it’s pretty easy to get a bird to attack one of
      these things. All you have to do is fly where birds exist. It’s the same
      with bees, they go nuts for them.

  4. Orbb09 says:

    If you play the video slowly when the camera get’s knocked off of the drone
    you can see that a bird hit it.

  5. Chrome Dude says:

    What are those kind of glasses he’s wearing called?It looks awesome

  6. dergrossee says:

    wow, whoever found it did some editing, nice.

  7. Fa-q Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (Biznatch) says:

    Fake. This is two videos edited together; transition is around 00:24

  8. Joe Woodford says:


  9. TheToekutter says:

    Utterly fake and set up. Also, smelly neo-hippies. UGH

  10. Vyas Anand says:

    Not staged. There was no way to make sure it did not bland on anyone. It’s
    real and awesome 

  11. Winter Gibbs says:

    Was that Ellen?

  12. wayne morris says:

    I’d LOVE to go to burning man but everyone looks skinny and attractive, so
    I know I wouldn’t fit in!

  13. Charlie Chuckleberry says:

    FAKE AS HELL! I paused it at 0:20 and it showed a clear view of the sky and
    drone. Not a single bird and nothing wrong with the drone. Mounts don’t
    break that easy. Birds are not invisible. Sure, they might have photo
    shopped a bird into one of the clips, but if you play it in slow motion.
    You can clearly see the entire sky around the drone and nothing is near it.
    No birds, other than photo shop.

    EDIT: In addition, the poster is from an anonymous newly created account
    that hosts nothing but fake videos. Hrm…

  14. julio hernandez says:

    love the girl dancing

  15. Iron Man says:

    just before it falls off, you can hear the servos actuate that release the
    gopro ON PURPOSE fyi

  16. ceracen says:


  17. Sasha Keegan says:

    Wasted my time watching this.