Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares

Some of the worst fish mains being served on Kitchen Nightmares.

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79 Responses

  1. mjrichardss says:

    pretend i told a nino joke


  2. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    Nino would have made fish made from beef

  3. Jamie Holmes says:


    Legend has it that he’s still staring at that exact spot to this day lol

  4. Gandalf The White says:

    Its better to eat fish *raw* than these

  5. Cam Walter says:

    Nino: *exists*
    Kitchen Nightmares comments years later: NINOOOOOOO

  6. FOOD by Lyds says:

    Kitchen nightmare highlights! I could watch that all day long. ?

  7. FlacoGuapo says:

    They were serving Mr. Krabs on the menu, damn ?

  8. Fuzzy says:

    “Like some big musclehead meatball.”

  9. Antoine Migeon Soyer says:


    Ramsay thoughts : Am I a dog to you? Dreadful… What a shame.”

  10. Jazon Jalapeño says:

    When the restaurant is near the sea, and it’s fresh-frozen-fish, you can tell there’s something fishy going on.

  11. Chai_Tea says:

    “I guarantee no complaints on this”


  12. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    0:08 Mr. Krabs approves the menu. He wanted to make sure his name was spelt right before he was served

  13. Kris A says:

    90% of the problems with bad chefs is they don’t taste what they send out.

  14. Jedidragonking says:


    Kitchen Nightmares viewers: NNNNIIINNNOOO!!

    • Blacknight 179 says:


    • Jedidragonking says:

      +Blacknight 179 ^ This guy gets it.

    • Marshall D. Dierte says:

      +Jedidragonking niiiiiiiiiiino! Niiiiino! Nino nino nino! Jesus its as bad as amy or the lady in colorado literally hiring methies

    • Jedidragonking says:

      +Marshall D. Dierte That is the power of memes. They baffle and annoy some, but, oddly, they can’t help but intrigue and draw a laugh from others.

  15. CrStrifey says:

    General manager of a seafood restaurant.
    Allergic to crab and shrimp.

  16. Jimmy Larmour says:

    “that lobster was fresh, even though it died. its … good.” lmao

  17. 100k subs with one video challenge says:

    “This fish is so raw, it’s still looking for it’s son”

  18. xAngoryx says:

    Every kitchen nightmares chef before ramsay tastes anything “My food is the best food, I’m sure my food is not the problem with this restaurant”
    Ramsay “Damn. Frozen, soggy, bland. Wouldn’t feed it to my dog for dinner.”

  19. Dr. Seinfeld says:

    “The crab is delicious”

    *happy uplifting music*

    “Then there’s stone cold shrimp”

    *intense horror movie music*

  20. Ruthie K says:

    “I’m extremely allergic to shellfish. Let me go get a job in a seafood restaurant.” Brilliant, that one!

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