Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

How many times can you fail at cooking a burger?

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61 Responses

  1. Melissa Santana says:

    You embezzled you own kid’s money, that he could have used to fund so many other worthy things, to pay for your pipe dream restaurant, and then you don’t tell him until after you’ve spent the money???? You people have no morals no ethics and I pray to God that this restaurant fails and you two fall on your ass out in the streets with nothing because you deserve nothing less than that. Unbelievable!

  2. DrViperVideos says:

    This show needs to come back

    • Arian Ziaei says:

      +DrViperVideos I’v𝐞 spΠ΅nt *7 d𝛂ys, 17 hOurs Ι‘nd 15 minutes* ΠΎn YᴏuTube sπ’ŠncΠ΅ 27.4.2018! Ch𝐞ck yΠΎur st𝛂ts: whugbfk.viewr.stream

  3. jose paolo Aranda says:

    The key words from the episode are “It’s not your choice!”
    Allow me to give some examples:

    Chef David Blaine: I can’t cook what I want to cook.
    Owner: It’s not your choice!

    Chef David: She (owner’s wife) just doesn’t want to leave the kitchen.
    Owner: It’s not your choice!

    Son gets his inheritance taken from him by his own parents without knowing
    Owner/Dad: It’s not your choice!

    Staff demands payment.
    Owner takes money away from staff: It’s not your choice!

  4. Schazmen Rassir says:

    “Yes, I took $250,000 from my son, without him knowing, forcing him into a career he had absolutely no say in. And I have no idea why he resents me!”

  5. Brian Hoppe says:

    Did anyone else just read the RAW part in Gordon’s voice

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Nobody, not even family, should get anywhere near your credit or money, period! It’s one thing to give someone something out of the kindness of your heart, but you should never find out more than $50,000 was taken behind your back to open a failing restaurant!

  7. Jonah Quinn says:

    my son resents me and i dunno why…..well…. maybe its because I stole 200k off him and invested it into my shitty restaurant. Maybe.

    • Abul waliuzzaman says:

      +Jonah Quinn I’vΠ΅ spent *9 days, 20 h𝞸urs 𝖺nd 20 minut𝗲s* on YouTub𝗲 sπ’Šnce 27.4.2018! Check yOur stΙ‘ts: cemc.viewr.stream

  8. Liam EFC says:

    The chef was actually not bad tbh if you watch the episode, the owners are the problem

  9. nathan casarez says:

    Yeah the owner is a pos, but can we also talk about his wife @4:00? Not letting your waitress talk to your chef? A hospital manager doesn’t tell a nurse “Whatever you need to tell the doctor goes through me”.

    • Kefik Leradine says:

      Yeah that lady need to get the fuck out of that kitchen he’s just in there doing shit she does need to do interrupting the flow trying to be a middleman when just let the people talk to Chef. Kitchen runs on communication and if you’re in the middle of that interrupting it you’re stopping the kitchen.

  10. thebassmaster76 says:

    When shit goes wrong, blame Yelp.

    • Wilner's wonderful world says:

      +thebassmaster76 I’v𝗲 sp𝐞nt *5 dΙ‘ys, 9 hours and 39 m1nutes* on YouTub𝐞 sinc𝐞 23.6.2018! ChΠ΅ck y𝞸ur stats: mdacy.viewr.stream

  11. Just Peachy says:

    β€œOne of the best burgers I’ve had in my life” *clearly you haven’t had many burgers then*

  12. PlanetGiga says:

    I am disappointed, I expected Ramsey to scream out β€œRAW RAW RAW!” In front of the customers.

  13. FartLaser 892 says:

    β€œMy son has a lot of resentment towards me and I don’t no why”
    *Steals 250k from his son*

    • Anton Diomin says:

      +FartLaser 892 I’vΠ΅ sp𝐞nt *8 d𝛂ys, 15 h𝞸urs and 43 mπ’Šnutes* ᴏn YOuTube s𝗢nc𝗲 12.6.2018! Ch𝐞ck yΠΎur stats: hqrrh.viewr.stream

    • Mine NOTurs says:

      just like with the wife saying

      “idk y the chef hates me …”
      oooh idkπŸ˜’ … 4:07 ?😧

  14. Jivan Grewal says:

    “My son has a great deal of resentment towards me. I don’t know why?” Probably because you stole his money and poorly invested what he would have inherited from you. A quarter million nonetheless. SMH. What a POS.

  15. fortawesome1974 says:

    I stole a quarter of a million dollars from my son and for some reason he resents me I have no idea why!!

  16. Watch Those Wristrockets says:

    Waiter: Here’s your water
    Ramsey: It’s bland!
    Waiter:But it’s water
    Ramsey:B L A N D

  17. Pizzagulper says:

    That guy stole 200k dollars from his son, and wonders why his son hates him. That guy has a lot more problems than a failing business.

  18. sumper man says:

    I feel bad for the son. Hell yea I’d resent his assπŸ’€πŸ’―

  19. TheProfessional says:

    Wow and I thought BurgerShot in Los Santos was bad.

  20. David Miletič says:

    Doctor: it’s a healthy 7 pounds baby boy.

    Gordon: it’s RAW!!!

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