Gorillaz – Aries ft. Peter Hook & Georgia (Episode Three)

Gorillaz – Aries ft. Peter Hook & Georgia (Episode Three)

Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Three: Aries ft. Peter Hook & Georgia
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Director: Tim McCourt
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Animators: Venla Linna, Setareh Seto
Clean Up Artists: Setareh Seto, Venla Linna, Eleonora Quario
Compositors: Freddie Lewis-Wall, Courtney Pryce
Camera and Light support: Dan Booth & Ecstasy of Gold
Runner: Laurence Moss

Production Company: The Line

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

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79 Responses

  1. Clownpiece , Junko, and Hecatia says:

    Murdoc in Momentary Bliss: Tries to poison Damon Albarn
    Murdoc in Aries: Stabs 2D with a syringe
    Conclusion: Murdoc is on a rampage

  2. Pie Napel says:

    Murdoc: Hits 2D twice with a car causing permanent damage

    Also Murdoc: Forces him to join his band after concussing him

    Also Murdoc: Takes the 2D hostage to record an album on a remote trash island

    And I’m pretty sure he also banged 2D’s girl at some point, but

    Murdoc now: injects 2D

    Everyone: OmG i DiD nOt SeE tHaT cOmInG

  3. Random ARK says:

    Murdoc: pulls out syringe


  4. Asriel Dreemurr The Dark Knight says:

    I think that actually, Murdoc is just tired for being totally ignored by his bandmates. So, if he is going to be ignored when he is being nice, he will come back to his old things.

    I’m not surprised.

  5. Vincent Delirogi says:

    The cover art on spotify shows russel strangeling murdoc while 2d shows us the needle mark in the foreground.

  6. ??? max ??? says:

    Murdoc: cries to a song in French that literally means sorry
    Also Murdoc: *n e e d l e*

  7. Abel Damianoff says:

    Humility: I don’t want this isolation
    Tranz: Isolate yourself tonight
    Aries: ‘Cause I feel so isolated without you

    Great future sight, 2D

  8. Frozen Star says:

    Me: Cool Murdoc is happy again.

    *Murdoc pulls out syringe*

    Me: *sighs*

  9. AssassinBen7 9 says:

    2d singing: Stay Safe

    *Murdoc with a Syringe and a menacing look on 2d*

    Everyone: You wanna rethink that?

  10. Fungas. says:

    Something tells me that that syringe wasn’t the cure for the coronavirus.

  11. Taikina says:

    first thought: oh no! 2D’s not wearing a helmet.
    second thought: eh… he’s probably immunized to traffic accidents

  12. SpicyOnion says:

    Everyone: Wow murdoc has really changed, he’s such a better person
    Murdoc: hold my syringe

  13. Takanosenpai says:

    2D: stay safe
    Also 2D: ride a motocycle INSIDE a house, but make us believe its outside.
    A genius.

  14. íwαntdєαth says:

    “We last saw 2D, Noodle and Russel when they visited Lake Como, via a Kong Studios portal, while accidentally (or not) leaving bandmate Murdoc behind. Aries now picks up with Murdoc inviting longtime bandmate and rival 2D on a trip for some quality frenemy time, with a little truth serum on hand for the ride…”

    but what could murdoc want 2D to tell the truth about?

    • ssjup81 says:

      @beevaz White eyes with 2D generally means he’s happy or content.

    • T O C I N O says:

      @ssjup81 nope,actually in plastic beach he hace withe eyes and obviouly he wasnt happy (sorry if i have bad english)

    • ssjup81 says:

      @T O C I N O For this phase his eye color thing is more connected to his moods. It was apparently confirned, just don’t recall where.

    • Pure Siins says:

      I don’t understand why Murdoc would need truth serum? Fun thing to note on the site that you linked with that picture Murdocs nose is bloody from russel lmao.

    • íwαntdєαth says:

      @Pure Siins Jamie also confirmedish/hinted toward the truth serum theory being right on his Instagram! his account is @/hewll i believe

  15. Apocalypse Alfred says:

    everybody’s concerned with this whole Murdoc thing, I’m just sittin’ here buzzing that the new Gorillaz track practically sounds like a lost New Order track from ’87!


    2D: *is left alone with Murdoc*
    Noodle and Russel: *_PANIK_*

  17. Rose Dahlia says:

    The guys look like they’re reverse aging meanwhile Noodle is all grown up.

  18. Timothy Dexter says:


    I’m looking out at a volcano
    Trying to read the world today and see where you’re at
    I’ll never do that
    I’m a model that is uncomplicated
    You can play a happy tune on me, but don’t turn me off
    ‘Cause then I am silenced
    I’m standing on a beach in the distance
    And even though you’re far away, can you see my red light?
    It’s waiting to turn green
    ‘Cause I feel so isolated without you
    I can’t play a happy tune on my own, so stay by my side
    High or low tide
    High tide, high tide, high tide, high tide
    High tide, high tide, high tide, high tide, high
    And it feels like I’m falling in, again
    My side, my side, my side, my side
    My side, my side, my side, high tide, high
    Feels like I’m falling in, again
    I’m a model that is uncomplicated
    You can play a happy tune on me, but don’t turn me off
    ‘Cause then I am silenced
    High tide, high tide, high tide, high tide
    High tide, high tide, high tide, high tide, high
    And it feels like I’m falling in, again
    My side, my side, my side, my side
    My side, my side, my side, high tide, high
    Feels like I’m falling in, again

  19. Mary Nguyen says:

    Murdoc and 2D: Motorcycle
    Noodle: Go kart

    *golf cart*

  20. Pickle Zest says:

    I have a small theory.
    We are all confused about how Murdoc is acting at the moment but I’m pretty sure there is a reason why.
    As we saw in Desole, Murdoc was pretty upset, which was unusual. My thought is that maybe he misses the older times and there’s just a lot going on in his head about how things have changed. He feels as if he isn’t in charge anymore.
    Now quickly moving to Noodle. This has more to do with the Aries music video.
    Noodle was obviously concerned about 2D as stated. I think this is because she doesn’t trust Murdoc. As we know, Noodles hair has gone through a lot of styles- but the one in this album it is more like the older style that she had. I’m thinking maybe Murdoc did this. Now hear me out, I think this may be why she’s concerned about 2D being with Murdoc. She’s afraid that Murdoc will try to change or do something to him that will be similar to what Murdoc did if he was behind her hairstyle.
    We see later that while she is driving, she’s trying to call out for 2D to warn him about Murdoc.
    In this album and in the Now Now, we see that 2D is getting progressively happier and his eyes are white. I think that this is why Murdoc stabbed him with the syringe. Maybe there was something in it that would effect him to make it where he is how he was originally. Eyes black and more cowardly and upset.
    My guess is maybe in the next episode, 2D may act different and have his old personality and look returned.
    Next may be Russel.
    Who knows, well find out.

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