Gorillaz – Let Me Out (Official Audio)

Gorillaz – Let Me Out (Official Audio)

Featuring Pusha T and Mavis Staples. EXPERIENCE SATURNZ BARZ (SPIRIT HOUSE) IN 360 HERE: https://gorill.az/360saturnzbarz
Tracks are taken from the new album Humanz, out April 28. Pre-order / stream here: http://gorill.az/humanz
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Google Play Music – http://gorill.az/gpHumanz
Spotify – http://gorill.az/sHumanz
Apple Music – http://gorill.az/amHumanz
iTunes – http://gorill.az/iHumanz
Amazon – http://gorill.az/aHumanz
Deezer – https://gorill.az/dzhumanz

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Bejines says:

    Look even if you’re a die hard Gorillaz fan, it’s ok if you don’t like the new material. Sometimes groups just lose their touch or find creativity in other sounds and opportunities. An example could be a great group like 311 or Linkin Park who had amazing albums back in the day, and now are kinda taking new turns in the road. I personally am not for the new sounds, but if it gets new listeners talking about these bands I love, then I can’t complain.

  2. bacon says:


  3. Alejandro Perez says:

    Why are there just a bunch of comments complaining about other comments complaining? I don’t even see any comments complaining about the rap in the song

  4. Tony says:

    For all the people whining about how “Gorillaz was always rap” you have to realise that what pulled a lot of people into this music was the mix between different genres. The first record had just as much of a punk/alt-rock and trip hop influence as it did rap and Demon Dayz sourced from alt bunch of different genres including rock, soul and dance music. While I like most of the songs so far they all sound pretty much the same with no variety and that’s most likely why a lot of people are dissapointed, not because this doesn’t sound like Clint Eastwood 2.0 or whatever.

  5. TheRetroGamest says:

    Sorry guys. I don’t hate this music, but this album is not for me. For those of you who like it, I’m glad!

  6. Angela Kirchoff says:

    I think that its kind of cool how each album has its own individual style of music like Plastic beach is more electronic and this album has more rap and Demon days uses more classical instruments which helps distinguish the albums

  7. Minnie Puuh says:

    so people are butthurt over gorillaz making songs about politics but are ok with all these pop songs about sex and drugs. ok bye.

  8. tjsavage711 says:

    Been a gorillaz fanboy since I heard them, not a single album that I haven’t like, rarely even a song I don’t enjoy. But……This entire new album sucks. Beats aren’t interesting, lyrics are obviously biased but it’s not the political message that sucks rather it is the complete lack of creativity for expressing it. No subtleties, nuances, hidden messages.

    Good news is gorillaz will make some money off the trendy fad of complaining about Trump and the imaginary cop on black violence (look at the statistics, don’t be a lemming)

  9. Anna Ramos says:

    (As expected of course.)

  10. p1nk s34s0n says:

    Is it me or does Murdoc look like Filthy Frank

  11. Kacper Grymuza says:

    Every comment I write has no likes. I’m still trying :c

  12. space cataz says:

    nothing but features of low tier political rappers….fml man

  13. Alamda Balqhin says:


  14. Gorillaz Motorola Commercial says:

    YESS ANOTHER SONG ❤️ I’m so excited for this album.

  15. Alex Lusio says:

    Gorillaz never fail to impress me

  16. MarioBros3099 says:

    one of the better songs they’ve released for there upcoming album.

  17. LoL King says:

    Scrolled down to the comments to find *THE B A T H* comment..

  18. Just Some Girl with a Mustache says:

    I think this is now my favorite song on the album

  19. TheTGT99 says:

    How are any of you going to hate on this? This was truth, you all need to be woke. Smfh

  20. CODY BOND says:

    For now on the gorillaz will be known throughout the world.

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