Gorillaz – Sleeping Powder

Gorillaz – Sleeping Powder

A song by 2D. GET ‘HUMANZ’ HERE – STANDARD – http://gorill.az/humanzSTD  // DELUXE – http://gorill.az/humanzDLX
Download the Gorillaz App now: http://gorill.az/iPhoneapp / Android: http://gorill.az/androidapp

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20 Responses

  1. It's All Good says:

    Once I found out this was made using an Xbox Kinect, I know fully understand the quality

  2. Denny da menny says:

    0:29 its murdoc’s pet raven

  3. amity says:

    2-D wrote a song for the people who were unhappy with him “not singing enough” in Humanz and danced his little heart out and this is the thanks he gets

  4. Seán Connolly says:

    what is this and why isn’t it on the album?!?

  5. Dorito Chan says:

    The chorus is literally just a ripoff of “Do You Wanna Get High” by Weezer, wtf

  6. Domomanoka says:

    I mean I liked the song and the animation quality was top notch!

    (Under 1 mil club where you at?)

  7. ToasterDoodles says:

    Legend has it that they got their grandpa to dress in an animation suit they use in movies, which explains his dancing and strange clunky piano playing

  8. phan girl says:

    i bet the reason why murdoc beats up 2-D is because he is envious of these sexy ass dance moves

  9. Depression ? says:

    2D if he left the band

  10. Axlerv says:

    I feel like taking a BATH after watching this.

  11. TheCosmicCookie says:

    Top 10 anime bosses of all time

  12. ElPancitor ッ says:

    Goodbye *T H E B A T H* hi *2 D’S D A N C E*

  13. aph Dork says:

    I swear this is going to be the song that gets me through finals

  14. anime riff raff says:

    this looks like gmod with motion controls

  15. Jan Schrik says:


  16. Cornél says:

    when you realize you overdosed too much

  17. Henmister3 says:

    Damn. What was in that peppermint tea?

  18. Kyle Pearson says:

    This couldn’t have come out at a better time, you beautiful music god!

  19. Cael Lohmiller says:

    this better be on iTunes in a matter of days

  20. Remiliuh says:

    2d is is one thicc bih lemme see that 2ussy

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